Wedding maniac

My intention was to write posts during my days off around Easter and what happened?
Google seems to be my best friend nowadays and I spent time on thousands of bridal dress pages, wedding tradition pages, wedding planning pages, wedding…pages.
Here comes the wedding maniac – that’s the new nick name my husband to be gave me shortly.
But that’s how women are, isn’t it. I would be scared if I’m not planning and checking and organizing and and and – I told him he has to appreciate it as a sign of my love for him and to have the day planned as best as possible 😉

I promise to try my best and write ‘updates’ from time to time.
Faithfully, Wedding maniac formerly Miss Faith


  1. Hahaha so loving to read this.

    Just like you, my boyfriend is already talking about getting married and planning the wedding without proposing. Untill then nothing is gonna happen and he knows that. But i’m already looking for wedding themes and dresses. So i’m reading this with a big smile on my face. And can proudly say, YES i’m one of those woman and already feeling sorry for him when it’s actually beginning ( planning the wedding ). Now it’s just small thoughts in my mind, can’t imagine what i would act like when the real deal is coming.

    1. It will get “worse”, I can promise – haha.
      If it comes to the planning I would start it all over again – I already asked my husband if we may consider to celebrate yearly as there are so many dresses I would like to try as well 🙂
      One thing – try to soak in every second as this time will never come back – we have so many precious memories and it always reminds us on how crazy we are 😉

      1. Hahaha, omg. Feel so sorry for him already. He’s facing me everyday scrolling around on pinterest.
        Luckily he thinks it’s cute and sometimes he even looks with me. But can’t imagine when i need to arange it for real.-
        He’s Turkisch and he wants a wedding with both cultures. So i should also bring his ideas into the development. And a Turkisch wedding is so different compared with a dutch wedding. – So it’s gonna be a great experience.

      2. P.S. That’s why i envy you. You really did a great job by letting both cultures fit in. And make him feel amazing.

      3. Nothing to envy – I just listened to what he likes, googled a bit and tried to surprise him with something he would not expect – as long as you are loving some Turkish things it’s easy.
        Libyan weddings are completely different but I included the small things like male witnesses, arabic writing as decoration, the morning gift – just to give him the feeling he’s not attending a pure German wedding 😉

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