Misssfaith (or better Mrsssfaith since 2013) is who?


When I started this blog I was thirty-something.

I was born in November 1977, so you can calculate 🙂 .

Being in my forties now will not stop me from acting goofy with my son and it definitely won’t stop me from listening to my inner child.

Yoga is a lifestyle. Yes, it  includes asanas and requires practice, but Yoga itself is so much more than this and its benefits extend way beyond the boundaries of the mat.

I am a wife, a mother and professionally a  clinical  project manager. My family is my life and whilst my son steps from time to time with me on the mat,  my husband still resists but supports me on my way.

Teaching Yoga on and beyond the mat is my passion. I want to share its impact and support you in your journey to lighten up spaces you may not yet have connected with. Yoga is the bigger picture, a holistic you, stronger in body and mind. I would love to help you.

In early 2011 I found yoga, from the start it was my anchor during rough times (situations everyone can relate to like work stress, private issues, heart ache, loneliness – generalised here but unique and personal, with its own challenges to each of us). I want to extend to you an anchor.

Nobody is alone, we all walk on stony ways and that’s OK.

Yoga is not about perfecting the flow from pose to pose. It is about finding peace in your body, your mind and your soul, to become truly one with who YOU are.

I practiced lots, on and off the mat, until I finally decided to become a certified yoga teacher and started the 200 hour yoga teacher training.

I graduated in November 2020 and am now a certified Yoga Teacher registered with yoga alliance.

And here I am, embarking on a new journey to teach, to find my way and my style of delivery; adapting to help you discover the opportunities that await. I look forward to working with you to share my love of yoga through a series of tailored partnerships as unique as you are.  

My husband is libyan and I am german – this binational marriage is wonderful as you learn so much about the other culture and black-white thinking isn’t possible. Our son joined us in 2016, the mommy life is another wonderful challenge and surely influences my writing as well.

If you want to know more you are welcome to ask.

Enjoy my blog and I hope you like it – Namaste ॐ

Oh – and why the three s’s? Sincere, sarcastic, satya (which is Sanskrit and means honest and truthful) but sleepy would fit as well 🙂



  1. Thanks kindly for the follow of Tales for Life. Enjoy writing and sharing your passions. I love music and books as well. I think that’s one reason why blogging is so wonderful. There is room for so much expression and appreciation of life!

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