Love you more

Love you more


Love you more – especially on rainy days ☔️

People tend to be in a bad mood when the rain sets in comfortably as if it wants to stay for the rest of our life, but we all know it won’t!

There will be sunshine sooner or later.

Embrace the rainy days, feel the bad mood and then move on.

Start to love these rainy days, they slow things down.

The rain gives us a cozy feeling inside and if we are outside feel the sensation of these rain drops on your skin.

They won’t hurt, they make us feel alive and they are needed – after a summer rain everything starts to awake and bloom even brighter than before.

And now you, after bad mood days you will shine brighter than before, you feel emotions and that means you are alive and here and present.

Love you more and love all sides of yourself more.

You are not only sunshine but rain as well and that’s wonderful ❤️