I am grateful that you are here.

Welcome to my blog – I am Lena, the author and owner behind this blog. What you will read here is what I learned, what I think, what I feel and my view and opinion of all the topics covered here.

I would even call it an online journal which is open to the public. That is maybe an unusual approach for a blog, but don’t you think that this may work? I have the feeling that we need more authentic people online to show how life really is, with all ups and downs.

More about me personally can be found in my bio.

Why Yoga, Lifestyle and More?

These are the topics I love and lots is about Yoga or a yogic lifestyle. The “more” is my goodie to be able to post in the end about all what’s going on in my life. The more you think about it the more everything belongs to Yoga and Lifestyle because it’s my life as a yogi. I cannot separate the Yoga from my life as it is present in all I do.

Who are you?

Let me know who you are. This page can be the place to introduce yourself. Where are you from, how did you find me? I would have many questions but it’s up to you how much you want to tell me.

Please use the comment section to introduce yourself – of course only if you like to.

What would I wish for?

Interaction – lots of interaction as probably all blog owners would wish for. And here is the difference to other blogs, mindful and authentic interaction. Let’s share supportive answers. Please write comments which may help others. Please feel free to add your own experience or even whole story when it fits in.

I would like to see a community of readers who share what they have learned. What are your tricks to live a purposeful life? Do you have habits to stay fit? I would love to read your ideas on how to create a mindset which empowers others.

Is it too much to ask for? I hope not and I will work towards it with every single post I write and every single word I type.

Let us build a virtual circle of positive minds.

Namaste ॐ

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