Blue Moon

Blue Moon

Today, on 31st October 2020, there are many things to focus on.

Halloween, unity day, Samhain, all hallows’ night…

It is for many people across the globe their Halloween day and people are drained because of Covid 19. As for all other celebrations we had since the start of the pandemic also Halloween cannot be celebrated as people were used to.

I am from Germany so this one is not hitting me hard to be honest. Trick or treat is nothing I know as a tradition.

In Germany it would be more the traditional All Hallows’ Evening, the day before the christian festival All Saints’ Day on 1st November. But even this hasn’t been more to me than a welcomed bank holiday when it falls on a weekday.

For Indians it is their national unity day, also something very special and very strange this year.

What has the moon to do with it?

But since I indulged more into my yoga journey I have been more drawn to spirituality in general and what makes this day special to me is apart from all the known that we have a blue moon tonight.

A blue moon is in the end a full moon, but a special one.

Blue Moons are the second full moon of a calendar month. It’s not an ‘ordinary’ full moon but a rarity. This year it tops it all as it falls on the Halloween night or All Hallows’ Evening.

What does this mean spiritually?

Blue Moons guide us into a time where should use our voice and build awareness as well as create our clear visions of who we are, where we are and where we want to go to.

A mystical gift

So 2020 is not all about disappointments because plans did not work out – the blue moon shows us that there are always chances present, each day, each week, each month and of course also this year.

Celtics believed that Samhain is the only time per year on which all barriers between the physical world and the spiritual world could be dissolved. 

To have a blue moon, which is more powerful than a full moon on the very rare occasion of this night of the year happens not by coincidence. There is a greater sense behind and it is on us to see this greatness.

Every new moon contains a new beginning. What is this new beginning all about?

Wipe the old out and cleanse yourself – a good time for a sage burning for example to start into the blue moon night.

Forgive and let go to open a new chapter, this is what I do and believe me, it feels great to start fresh. Instead of clinging to what no longer serves you say goodbye and open up for all that is coming towards you.

Moon light works to enlighten our souls and it provides us with spiritual nourishment. So if you have the chance try to watch this wonderful moon for a while and soak in the energy it gives.

If it comes to intention setting there can be several spiritual intentions – the most common for a blue moon are the following:

  • Second chances – this is very powerful and often needs lots of energy to give a second chance and/ or to receive a second chance but as we all make mistakes never neglect a second chance
  • Knowledge – you are open to receive during this phase, I like to compare it to a sponge. Time for spiritual books tonight.
  • Love is universal and especially during a time where we open up and move into a state of receiving energy.
  • Protection – energy can protect and these energies flow around us tonight. (See also the crystal section to use them in a more channelled way)
  • Fertility – receive, let go – all plays together. You may not receive but you may be able to let go of anxieties, fears and open up for the next circle

If you use crystals, this is the time to clean and charge them with energy.

  • Clear Quartz (helps amplifying the energy)
  • Moonstone (connecting with the divine goddess)
  • Tigers Eye (protection)
  • Lapis Lazuli (wisdom)
  • Aquamarine (throat chakra cleanse)
  • Rose Quartz (love)

This blue moon is special and the next blue moons will not appear in a while – so use this power tonight well.

The intentions we set will guide us, a power we should not underestimate. I wish you to make this special night memorable for yourself and that the future turns out in a way for all as we individually hope and pray for. Let your journey be guided by spirit and power and light.

Next seasonal Blue Moon – August 2021.

Next calendrical Blue Moon – August 2023.