How to spend the weekend?

How to spend the weekend?

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I’m over thirty and I love relaxed weekends, am I old now?

Not sure how you think about it but since one to two years I’m glad if weekends are completely free and I don’t have to go anywhere unless I choose to. I use the time to sleep and no to party.

If working weeks were tough and took most of your time it’s a pleasure to know that two days will follow to just “do” nothing.

Sure, doing nothing is not possible but what I mean is only doing things which I like and where’s no stress behind.

I for instance I like to sleep long, so dates for a breakfast which many like so much are a hassle for me. Instead of putting me into weekend dates I rather wake up late, stroll in my sleeping gown through my flat with a coffee in my hand to slowly wake up. I may start the dishwasher or the washing machine, clean up a bit but all this done in slow motion. And to have still enough hours to read, write, go for a walk, do the food shopping is calming my mind. More preferable than curing the headaches from the night before, at least for me.

Who made the rule that weekend shopping should be done before lunch time? Instead of standing in a row to be next at the cash point I prefer to go in the afternoon when everyone else is preparing the night out.

I’m a “dinner” eater, means I’m mostly cooking late and eat only small things throughout the day. It fits into the work week because I wouldn’t be able to prepare a lunch each day and instead of eating fast food I start during the evening. Some would say that’s not healthy or eating after six o’clock will make you fat. I haven’t discovered any lack so far and I’m more than far away from overweight. Snuggling up on the couch with a cup of self-made soup is what I like so much more than running through the days to meet one appointment after the other.

I spent lots of time with thinking, planning, and writing but also with listening to music, meditation, watching DVDs and conversations. Heading to concerts or clubs would be stress to me nowadays.

It’s sounding as if the poor MisssFaith is a lonely person. No, it’s not like that, I just surround myself with persons I like and who are thinking at least in the same direction as me.

You could call it a well-sorted inner circle, that takes time but it’s worth the effort but that’s another topic.

Fortunately all of my close friends and family are similar to what I like. I can call a friend at eleven pm and we just talk for two hours. The following Sunday’s are starting late as well and except of the visit to supermarkets the schedule is similar.

I try to focus as best as even possible to avoid stress factors (they are hunting me quite enough during weekdays). And besides of being at least two days relaxed it has the nice side effect that I really like it to go out once in a while. Because it’s special and not my usual way of spending the free time but also because I’m not bored then.

There was a time where I was totally bored because it were always the same persons, the same location, the same food and most worst the same small talk.

Pretty awesome that this ended and I’m honestly a tiny bit proud that I went out of this reoccurring circle. My life is now more comfortable, finding inner peace instead of crowded places, and yes, maybe more adult, haha.

Enjoy your weekend however you like it best.