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What is high society about?

What is high society about?

My impression and experience says definitely YES.
I had a very bad year in Munich.
(Ok, it were two but the second was a hard way back to myself, that’s another story.)
The first was how to distract myself from the messy life I’m leading.
A relationship where I wasn’t sure if it’s better to stay or to leave.
In order not to think too much about it I put myself in a surrounding of ‘so-called’ friends.
Friends who are always happy and smiling and who have no problems at all in their entire life.
The first superficial sign!
Any human being around the globe has good and not so good or sometimes really bad days.
I can only write about my experience, this is no social report about people in Munich but I think you can find this phenomenon everywhere.
As long as you meet the society’s expectations you are very welcome on each and every occasion.
What means meeting expectations?
They want you to be perfect – perfectly dressed, stylish, educated, on the top of actual discussion topics, intelligent, always in a good mood, funny, slightly sarcastic, successful in your business (even better if it’s your own business), interested, and so on.
You should have or at least pretend to have the money to live this all.
Easy for women, you pay once the drinks to show “I’m able to” and the rest is a self runner.
You will be invited most of the times – the only money needed is for the taxi back home. I’m not talking about men inviting you and who may have some expectations afterwards. No, you are quickly part of a group where several persons just book half restaurants to celebrate something and invite you. As soon as the “group leaders” know your name you’ll find yourself on guest lists for events, openings, charity concerts and more.
That sounds awesome, does it? But believe me, it isn’t!
I have to admit that I really had lots of fun in the beginning – me, grown up in a small village, in the society of “top” people, which are all successful in what they do and the world is just so easy. Just enjoy life to the fullest.
The dark site of this game is quicker there than you think.
All these people live something which they a.) cannot afford or b.) is a fake or (and this is the biggest mistake) c.) they think life is all about.
It’s a big society of pretenders.
They are all artists, singers, actors, high society ladies and so on but at the end of the day they are all poor human beings with low self esteem, lonely and without friends – until the next event starts.
They’re also not successful, the really successful people will not show up there because they know the game.
If you enter the community you will be pulled into it which isn’t good.
I realized after a few weeks that you see the same faces, each and everywhere; why? Because they have no personal life and no real sense in their being.
I intended to live this lifestyle because I was also running.
Running away from myself, from lonely nights, from decisions which were long overdue and which I wanted to avoid.
The difference is that most of these people, these always seen faces, lead their life in this way since years, sometimes more than decades.
I saw them all, if you start to look behind the scenes you’ll find the actor who has no engagements anymore, who drinks at night to survive the dark and lonely nights.
Or the singer, who once was a great star for a year or two and who is still not accepting that his life is not the rockstar life anymore, and it will not be again just because he dresses like one with over sixty.
The model from the seventies thinks she’s not getting older because of Botox and beauty surgeries.
If the curtains fall then piece by piece you’ll find yourself in the middle of the rocky horror “people” show.
Is this what I wanted? NO
My decision was the hard way whereas I don’t say their way is easy, their way is unreal until they awake if at all and for some it will be too late by then.
My hard way was the way to get back on my path, to find my values, what do I expect from myself and how do I wanna live.
A journey which is never ending and where you can never say I reached the goal until you die but at least I’m on the way to the right direction. But this is another topic, another idea for the next post maybe…

Who am I?

Here we go – who is Miss Faith and why did she choose this name?
A name which raises questions if someone is thinking over the edge…
Faith is one of the most important things in life from my point of view and it accompanied me my whole life – sometimes more & sometimes less.
My parents gave me something called basic trust. Trust in them at first but also in life itself, in other persons crossing my ways and in myself.
Faith has not only its meaning in religion but also in every single piece included in life and relationships.
I’m human so for sure it got some cracks and scars but it never vanished.
I was raised in a loving surrounding, blessed with my family, in a small village in the middle of Germany.
I grew up, went to school, studied and dropped quicker into work life than planned as there was an offer I couldn’t resist including lots of travelling and a company car. In my early twenties this was beyond my imaginations if I would have joined university, so I took the adult life, instead of years full of low budget, shared flats and train stations.
Fortunately nothing I regret up to today.
The following years I was traveling throughout whole Germany – almost every region has at least one place where I have been, I spent lots of hours at the airport and lots of nights in hotel rooms. Starting slightly to get meetings outside of my country and slipping into lead functions until I decided I travelled enough and started over in management. In our virtual world my job is reliant to phone and email. As I have both at home I’m working in my home office which is really the best I ever could get.
I hate early mornings and it just takes 2 min. from my bed to my office without anyone seeing my messed morning outfit or hairstyle – that’s perfect for me!
In between the work cage I tried to awake my creative part with painting…sounds good, doesn’t it. But the truth is that I always wanted original big paintings on my walls which all where either not my style or far too expensive. So what to do? Do it yourself. I realized that it’s relaxing for me and I liked it but after I moved to Munich this hobby was put aside as my flat here doesn’t have a balcony or a small garden. I’m not too keen to inhale all the different chemicals used for painting.
Ok, then what else to do for a relaxed work-life-balance? Writing!
I know many stick to sports but since I left school and the rowing team, sports plays not really a role in my life. Some small exercises from time to time but I wouldn’t call it sports.
2007 I started “my book” which is still saved on my laptop and a 2nd copy on a memory flash. Almost 200 pages which lay there safer than in Fort Knox as I didn’t touch them since summer 2008.
Why is that? Was it so bad? No, I’m just lacking time and am now so out of the story that it would need lots of passion and effort to work again on it. Maybe I just include some stories here and see what happens. Is it really interesting to an audience what I was writing or is it just totally boring.
Who knows – maybe one day one publisher is reading stuff here and I will be not only a newbie blogger but also a newbie author – haha.

2nd day as a so called blogger

First step to a relaxed weekend is avoid cooking today.
Work itself was stressful enough so I’m glad we have lots of food deliver services here in Germany.
Who knows how long I will be able to use them – as there stepped a guy into my life out of nothing and now I cannot imagine a life without him. Things happen if we don’t expect them to happen at all.
I’m not entirely sure but maybe I write single posts for the chapters of my life which I want to share here.
For the ones who already found/stepped over this weird, incomplete, messed up blog – I’ll try my best over the next weeks (or weekends) to get it sorted out and published in a nice way, at this time I just try to get used to it.
Why am I writing English although I’m german?
There are many reasons (at least for me). First of all is that I’m almost addicted to the english language, you’ll find no single book in my flat in German, I watch movies in english and @work I’m also used to the language almost the whole day.
Besides this I’m almost engaged to a non-german man (I say almost because he is now struggling on how to propose to a german woman, mean me told him without official proposal no wedding, I’m modern but when it comes to love I like some old fashioned rituals), so our language is also english as he knows only a bit german and I know not really arabic.
It will be interesting to find women which are also in a relationship, married or engaged with someone who hasn’t their nationality.