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National Cat Day

National Cat Day

Is there someone out there who can explain me this horrible cat loving thing?
Yes, cats are cute, not all but some, and yes, you can have a cat pet or two.
More than two are from my point of view critical, it always reminds me that there are (mainly) women out there who have cats instead of friends and what I don’t want for sure is exactly this!
I don’t have a cat so what I am hearing if I say something against this thing called cat love is: You hate animals!
No, I like animals BUT I like humans more. I don’t say that I won’t have a cat one day. One cat!
But what I can say is that I won’t post thousands of cat pictures on Facebook, call them as if they were kids (come to mummy, sweetie), care more about a cat than about a human, feed it with extra bought luxury stuff. Honestly, what are cats eating if they aren’t handled like little princes and princesses? They for sure don’t stop eating just because it isn’t the best of the best ever implemented cat food with lots of commercials for cat holders.
I truly believe that persons who love their cat(s) more than a human have a big problem in regards to relationships. A cat will never disappoint them? Sure they will because they are well known for leaving as soon as someone else is feeding it more often. How many cats disappear and then a neighbor down the street has a “new” cat?

And to get again back to the question if I hate animals, is there a valid reason why there isn’t a national day of the louse, of the frog, of the sheep, of the cockroach, of the spider, of the …?!?

Either you love animals or you hate them – how many cat holders don’t love spiders?

To be honest, it is ridiculous to have a day like this, but that’s only my opinion.
I would prefer national days which have a least a sense, we have more than enough problems on this earth to focus on and where a national day at least would raise awareness.

Take care – humans!



Sometimes I wish to live back in the 1970’s or 80’s

Sometimes I wish to live back in the 1970’s or 80’s
Don’t understand me wrong, I’m not unhappy with my life but when it comes to certain points I would prefer these times. The time without mobile phones where we didn’t had to be available 24/7, the time without emails where it wasn’t expected to answer each “letter” within an hour. If you just think about the work-life balance everyone is talking about nowadays, I’m pretty sure people were much more relaxed.
Do we have constant life’s?
What I see is that almost no one wants serious relationships as it was back then. We switch not only jobs, flats or cities within a short period of time, we also switch private connections instead of putting efforts in. The time where family and friends were counting more than social networking seems to be history. I have the impression that many just try to connect with other persons for their own needs.
Are we becoming more and more selfish nowadays?
I knew persons who started to bother when not receiving a reply on a short message within five minutes. Bother means after the text they started to call, to talk a message on your mobile box, sending a message on Facebook, checking if you are somewhere to be seen as ‘online’ for a chat message. And for what? Nothing special, just being bored or telling the newest gossips they heard somewhere.
Aren’t we allowed anymore to disconnect for a while?
Also the newsfeed is overwhelming, people back in these years weren’t aware of every single small catastrophe happening on the other side of the world. If I say small it doesn’t mean it’s awful for the persons being involved but honestly, even if I know something happened somewhere, I cannot change the whole world to be safe and good. Instead of bothering myself too much with bad news of a country I haven’t a single relationship to I should start to change the part where I’m able to make efforts. I just told my husband a few days ago that I would become depressive if I would watch the news channel for too long.
On the other hand not everything is bad but we have to be careful on how to use all these connections we have, they shouldn’t start to use us. Without the web I would never have met my husband and without world wide news I wouldn’t be aware of what’s going on in his country.
The biggest task for us now is to use it carefully, filter for the parts which are important to us and not to forget that there is a real life outside. Real people who may want to have us around, need us or just want to step by for a coffee to tell about their own personal important news.
And never forget that we are allowed to disconnect, mute mobile phones, shut down computers and turn of TVs whenever we think we need a time out for ourselves!
Stay yourself!

How to create a Facebook page?!?

How to create a Facebook page?!?I don’t know if I’m just too stupid or if Facebook is not making this task easy for users.
Miss Faith should have a Facebook page to distribute the posts on another channel as well.
The first problem was that I have a private Facebook account where I’m connected to family, friends and colleagues but as said, this is private.
You may ask yourself now if and for what reason I want to hide my activity completely from them. It’s not about ‘hiding’ but to be honest I don’t want to have them commenting just to please me and I also don’t want some of them to know what I’m doing in my private time as long as I’m still “rehearsing”. My closest friends will be or already are aware but first of all my aim is to get real feedback. And last but not least I have some Facebook “friends” which were maybe real friends years ago but aren’t actually present in my real life as well as colleagues, which don’t have to know me in a more private way. I restricted some of them already on my account but we all know how stories, news or gossip is spreading quickly. If they find the page themselves, then ok, but I don’t want “secret agents” there.
During the last years we always heard lots of discussions about privacy in regards to Facebook and the last thing I want is that all of them are aware of this page. So what did I do?
I started another account with another email address. Miss Faith wasn’t taken as name because according to Facebook “Miss” is not considered a first name so here we go, Missie Faith has now a ‘private’ account.
I’m still wondering how many of the celeb kids will be able to register as Hazel, Peanut or Peach…
Nevertheless, Missie was created and after the click on ‘create a page’ I was able to have finally a “Miss Faith” page.
I hope that I will not turn into a schizophrenic with all these pseudonyms.
Miss Faith’s page needed a set up and this was and still is the next big task. When trying to share posts it was sometimes “Missie” sharing them and sometimes “Miss Faith” – here I need to find a rule to fix it. But the best is for the moment that I’m now temporarily blocked.
Thanks to Facebook.
They blocked me because of too much uploads within a certain time, the certain time is invisible to me as it seems to be their secret. I just got the message that I may abuse the system or bother my friends too much with a high amount of uploads. Very funny, which friends? This page was just created and before trying to get friends or “fans” it needs a set up. Who will click “I like” on an empty page?
Their second secret is how long the blocking will last. The information I got is that it can last from a few hours up to thirty days. That’s really specific. And even worse, as soon as I try to upload something and am still blocked they may prolong it – aargh.
It is as if I say to a friend please don’t call me within the next hours up to maybe thirty days and if you try it within this period I may prolong the time not answering your calls.
Now it means for me I have to be patient, one of my worst characteristics. I’m not patient if I want something and they force me to be.
If I finally succeed and can move forward in setting this up I will be really carefully.
Yours, trying to be patient, Miss Faith


Could writing be my destiny?

Could writing be my destiny?
Sometimes I’m thinking if I could be able to make a living out of writing, if I’m able to set up a plot in a direction that others like to read it. The main problem currently is that I have no idea when and where to start. There are stories popping up out of my fantasy and vanish as I haven’t the time to sit down in this very moment to get them on paper.
And what about all the thousands of rules authors should keep in mind? If you start to google it will bring you even more away from the initial idea as it seems to be so complicated. On the other hand I cannot imagine that all the big authors were sitting in front of their drafts to check them for rules. Isn’t the miracle to pin down what your fantasy is telling you? Sure there are re-reads and corrections needed but is that the most important?
On the other hand the main problem is to find the time besides a full-time job and a relationship. I cannot start to write during working hours and my husband would be annoyed and think I have a big spleen if I would focus the remaining time on writing instead of a couples life.
A never ending circle where I have to find a way to break through.
The first step for me at the moment is my writing here. This is at least a good opportunity to check for myself if there are persons outside of my comfort zone which may like to read what I write. And even this is not as easy as I thought.
How many blogs do we have on the web? I never started to count as this would be a 24/7 job for the next weeks. It seems as if I’m not the only one trying my writing skills in front of an audience. A blog needs to be cared about and to be updated, improved, adapted and so many things more. Also a permanent audience is something you need to work on. No one will just step over my personal blog and think I’m the greatest writer ever without me feeding him or her with new stories. Stories are the next key point. Which stories exactly meet the audience I would like to see for myself, this is again a key to find out and needs efforts from my side. So bottom line, where am I now after around seventy published posts?
Yes, right away at the start. The time where I discover day by day a writing style, how to find post ideas and discover what I like to write about.
One thing I learned already for myself is that the story of Miss Faith is a life story where not everything is fitting which is randomly popping up on my mind. So there will be posts in between, all my random thoughts about different aspects in life, pictures I love or quotes which inspire me.
Is that all? Again a surely said no. I need to find ways to distribute what I’m writing, means different channels to get a bigger audience. For the time being I started with this account and connected it to google+ and twitter. Next step is to create a Facebook page for Miss Faith. This task is a big challenge, at least for me. Why is that? As it will be another story to tell stay tuned, there will be a post about my struggles while creating it soon.
Last key, and here I need you, are comments on my posts. I would love to get some feedback on everything. Everything means do you like how I write, the topics I’m writing about, how this blog is set up, what do you think in general about “Miss Faith”? I don’t want to be pampered, if you dislike it please tell me also as this is the only opportunity for me to improve.
Thanks and take care,
Yours Miss Faith