My dear October…

My dear October


I am happy that you are here to gently prepare us for the last dark quarter of this crazy year. You started quite cold in the morning but now the sun shows her best side. This is your first weekend this year and if you move on like this I will be very grateful. I know you need to become darker and colder to prepare us for the next months, but please be kind.

Many people are scared of you and your fellow friends November and December, you seem to be so dark. I am not afraid, because you show us how to slow done after a busy year. You give us some rest and this cosy feeling when being home.

When I stroll through the city, I love to see all these places with candlelight and steaming tea or coffee, the wool blankets on chairs outside and the smell of cinnamon in the air. How can someone not like it?

I always say that I am a summer person, and sorry, I truly am and would always exchange summer with winter if I had to, but this is praise you.

This is to tell anyone that even though summer is great, you just need to focus and you will find many nice parts in winter too.

Soup time, this year it started for us like almost each year with a steaming hot and creamy pumpkin soup. Who wants to eat this on a hot summer day?

We need to cherish the diversity and adapt a bit, but then everyone will be fine.

Instead of focussing on what we don’t like or want we should always focus on the good in every situation. This is sometimes really hard, so start light, I am sure you will find many positive things about the dark months of the year.

Cosy evenings on the couch, candles until there is no tomorrow, tea in so many varieties, pumpkin, baked apples fresh out of the oven, crispy air in the morning, being wrapped in a wool jacket, steaming coffee to go, Christmas series or movies, strolls through the forest while the leaves fall or the grounds is frozen already, the first snow flakes, there’s so much to enjoy, let’s focus on this.

Tell me, what do you like about the dark months of the year?