Mompreneurs wanted

Mompreneurs wanted


I need stories, encouraging stories, life changing stories, raw and imperfect stories, real stories.

All of you who made the step into a self-lead mom-work-life, how the heck you found the courage to finally DO it?

What was your idea, how long did it take until you started through.

What are the obstacles – day by day but also in a whole?

I know that I want to change something, I know that this is a step I want to go one day but this one day is hunting me – there must be a date (at least in my mind) to go towards to, there must be a list of pro and con, of do and don’t, a concept (at least drafted), a financial plan, there’s so much to think of…

I’m keen to listen to your advise, experience and I’m sure other’s would be interested as well – so either comment or (if you like), send me your whole story and I’m happy to publish it as a separate post with links and shares.

Empower me (from mom to mom)

Much love <3