Oh how I love spring

Oh how I love spring

Oh how I love Spring

I think I mentioned it already but I can’t say it often enough – spring time is awesome.

The earth awakes fully and so do we.

I feel lighter, the thick winter coats and wool jackets are gone and the first rays of sunshine can touch the skin again.

The air smells wonderful, grass, flowers, there’s a unique freshness in spring which lights up my mood in a way only spring can.

Even if I love winter on some days, this time of the year is for me the most wonderful. It’s giving a preview of what will come in summer. The first rain when it was warm outside is so different to the winter rain – it’s not cold, it’s not grey, it’s simply refreshing.

Souls awake as well – while we hide in winter most of the time, we can now go outside and fully bloom. Reading a book on a winter’s day, light from candles and a steaming tea in my hand is great but sitting on a blanket in the grass under a tree, listening to the birds and bees and the river nearby while reading is a different kind of great.

The cafés are having their chairs and benches outside and nobody needs to step inside small rooms to warm up and drink a hot coffee, sitting outside, watching people walk by, listening to the sound of an awakening city, children running after birds, this is what we love so much!

Love beyond words

My son turns two next week and this spring is the third spring we have together, the first spring he was born and we carried him lots. I was sitting in coffees having him in a baby wrap snuggled up listening to my heartbeat, the sound of his first spring was a mixture of new sounds and the reassuring heartbeat he knew so well.

The second spring was the time when he made his first steps. He started shortly before his first birthday and was improving so fast that he was running already in early summer. So last spring he walked along walls, pulled himself up wherever he could and crawled so fast as if he could catch a bird he has seen. He was interested in our cups and tried ice cream for the first time.

Rami Spring2017

There are so many memories attached to spring that I wonder what we will say next year about the spring 2018.

The first time I realize that I already experienced 40 times spring but only the last two are filled with memories I will never forget.

There were many wonderful springs but I cannot say what exactly happened in a certain year until I became a mother.

Priorities shift and the focus is on the smallest details we are overseeing normally in a blink of an eye. Motherhood shows me what I already knew but what wasn’t present all the time – cherish the small lovely moments and details, put your focus on the good and enjoy this life!

Take care and enjoy this wonderful time to the fullest!

Today is the first day of Spring…

Today is the first day of Spring…

Today is the first day of Spring...

No, according to the calendar it isn’t, but for me it definitely is!

It’s the first day since months where I woke up to a clear and sunny sky and actually heard the birds chirping through the closed bedroom window.

I drove my son to the kindergarten and missed my sunglasses in the car.

When I arrived back home I would have loved to stay outside instead of sitting on my desk because this sun starts to be warm again.

Now I’m sitting at work and the window behind me is open. The birds are chirping outside as if they were silenced for a long time and have to proof now that their voices are still fine.

Oh how I love this sound, nature is awakening and so are we. I feel lighter than before and my mood is better whenever I hear them.

Living according to nature is so great, if I could do that without being attached to work hours and kindergarten times and, and, and then I would wake up when the sun rises and slow down when the sun sets and the birds are quiet for the night and give over to the crickets. Nature sounds calm me down in the second which shows me how far away we are from a natural style of living here in the middle of Munich without a garden.

But it also shows me that the nature is so powerful because it comes into the city no matter what.

There can be tons of cars, the birds don’t care and settle down.

My spring arrived and I’m looking forward to a warmer period in the coming weeks.

How do you welcome spring in your life?