Light of shelter

Sign of warmth

Children sing

Nobody harms


Lantern my lantern

Beloved childhood

Memories vivid

They raise my mood


My child oh my child

I do hope we create

The same childhood memories

And one day you will relate


To your own childhood days…

My first try to write a poem…

…perhaps that’s why it’s called poeTRY…Would love to hear if you like it!

Our love

I remember the last time
You were holding my hand.
I remember the last time
We had our feet in the sand.

Time is passing so fast
But remembrance will last.

Do you remember the time
When I kissed you goodnight.
Do you remember the time
When hearts felt so light.

Time is getting me through
All those days without you.

Faith is keeping us moving fast
As we know our love will last.