Another year, another post…

When life is so busy that you are not doing the things you love, then it’s time to think it over.

I promise I do – each year, I promise I keep this blog (and yes, it costs money) simply because I never loose hope that one day I will start it fully again.

Writing is not fading, written words stay, longer than we live. My longing to write is the same as it has been when I started. It never faded, it’s more like a hidden gem. My hidden gem.

It’s not that I stopped and only once per year you get a short blog post and that’s it. There is so much more to my writing.

The recent stories I wrote, which are not published, are all about a little mouse named Anatolius. Yes, you read right, it one day should be a children’s book.

Whatever you long for, never stop! If we feel something deep down inside of us, then it needs to be protected. Trust your gut and do what you love to do.

Sounds ridiculous given the fact that this blog seems so abandoned. But that’s it, it just seems abandoned. Under the surface are words written and words still to be written. There are lists full of ideas and notes for myself with sentences I do not want to forget to tell the world.

What I do is for someone stupid, writing but not publishing, paying for a blog used just a couple of times per year, if at all, not running after readers, keeping it slowly.

And for someone else this here is THE one post they needed to read, the one sentence which made them think twice, the attitude they would wish for for themselves.

Everything has more than one side. Look at a gem, how many sides it has. You never know what’s beyond surface unless you crack it. There is no one fits all when it comes to writing. There is no one fits all when we talk about art and creativity.

Just tonight I had this urge again to open this page and write a few sentences – the urge to let my mind flow through my fingertips. The result is what you read here.

Could I name it? No!

Does it need a name? No!

Do I like it? Yes!

Do you like it? I don’t know and that’s not important for me. It’s not important because it made me happy when I sat in front of my heater, my son deep asleep in the room next to me, only a few lights on, and the pure me typing what I want and what runs through my mind.

Life is about us and our happiness, in moments like this I remember that I need to have more moments like these. But as for all of us, we care about a million things and often are too tired at the end of the day to do the things we love.

Oh, and don’t get me wrong – I am happy. My life is not bad at all. I have a wonderful family, a job which I love and which serves even a great purpose, we just moved into a new apartment in the city we love, all is fine.

Gems are special, right? These quiet moments when I indulge into what I love so much are the gems on top of it all. A crown nobody wears daily either.

What are your gems?