Blue Moon

Blue Moon

Today, on 31st October 2020, there are many things to focus on.

Halloween, unity day, Samhain, all hallows’ night…

It is for many people across the globe their Halloween day and people are drained because of Covid 19. As for all other celebrations we had since the start of the pandemic also Halloween cannot be celebrated as people were used to.

I am from Germany so this one is not hitting me hard to be honest. Trick or treat is nothing I know as a tradition.

In Germany it would be more the traditional All Hallows’ Evening, the day before the christian festival All Saints’ Day on 1st November. But even this hasn’t been more to me than a welcomed bank holiday when it falls on a weekday.

For Indians it is their national unity day, also something very special and very strange this year.

What has the moon to do with it?

But since I indulged more into my yoga journey I have been more drawn to spirituality in general and what makes this day special to me is apart from all the known that we have a blue moon tonight.

A blue moon is in the end a full moon, but a special one.

Blue Moons are the second full moon of a calendar month. It’s not an ‘ordinary’ full moon but a rarity. This year it tops it all as it falls on the Halloween night or All Hallows’ Evening.

What does this mean spiritually?

Blue Moons guide us into a time where should use our voice and build awareness as well as create our clear visions of who we are, where we are and where we want to go to.

A mystical gift

So 2020 is not all about disappointments because plans did not work out – the blue moon shows us that there are always chances present, each day, each week, each month and of course also this year.

Celtics believed that Samhain is the only time per year on which all barriers between the physical world and the spiritual world could be dissolved. 

To have a blue moon, which is more powerful than a full moon on the very rare occasion of this night of the year happens not by coincidence. There is a greater sense behind and it is on us to see this greatness.

Every new moon contains a new beginning. What is this new beginning all about?

Wipe the old out and cleanse yourself – a good time for a sage burning for example to start into the blue moon night.

Forgive and let go to open a new chapter, this is what I do and believe me, it feels great to start fresh. Instead of clinging to what no longer serves you say goodbye and open up for all that is coming towards you.

Moon light works to enlighten our souls and it provides us with spiritual nourishment. So if you have the chance try to watch this wonderful moon for a while and soak in the energy it gives.

If it comes to intention setting there can be several spiritual intentions – the most common for a blue moon are the following:

  • Second chances – this is very powerful and often needs lots of energy to give a second chance and/ or to receive a second chance but as we all make mistakes never neglect a second chance
  • Knowledge – you are open to receive during this phase, I like to compare it to a sponge. Time for spiritual books tonight.
  • Love is universal and especially during a time where we open up and move into a state of receiving energy.
  • Protection – energy can protect and these energies flow around us tonight. (See also the crystal section to use them in a more channelled way)
  • Fertility – receive, let go – all plays together. You may not receive but you may be able to let go of anxieties, fears and open up for the next circle

If you use crystals, this is the time to clean and charge them with energy.

  • Clear Quartz (helps amplifying the energy)
  • Moonstone (connecting with the divine goddess)
  • Tigers Eye (protection)
  • Lapis Lazuli (wisdom)
  • Aquamarine (throat chakra cleanse)
  • Rose Quartz (love)

This blue moon is special and the next blue moons will not appear in a while – so use this power tonight well.

The intentions we set will guide us, a power we should not underestimate. I wish you to make this special night memorable for yourself and that the future turns out in a way for all as we individually hope and pray for. Let your journey be guided by spirit and power and light.

Next seasonal Blue Moon – August 2021.

Next calendrical Blue Moon – August 2023.

Make yourself a priority…

Make yourself a priority…

That sounds beyond selfish, doesn’t it?

I just flipped a card of self love this morning and it said something similar to the headline – plus that only of you feel good yourself you will be a good companion for others, and that’s exactly the point.

Being my own priority may sound weird, I completely agree on it. We all want to be easy going, we want to be loving and caring persons, persons who are fun to be around, all of it sounds great and it is wonderful if we can be that awesome person. The truth behind is that you can only be that awesome person if you have enough done for yourself.

We all hide when we feel exhausted and depressed, we don’t want to see anyone after a cried-through night with puffy eyes, when anxiety sets in we want to hide like a snail in her house. Aren’t we loveable then at well? Of course we are because only then we learn and grow, only then we would need someone most, only then we reveal our deepest emotions. 

Let me tell you that there is nothing at all selfish when you make yourself a priority! I even tell you that you NEED to do it! 

We all need to have time for ourselves to get grounded, get settled, reconnect with our inner child, listen to the whispers of our soul. Me-time is much more than heading to the hairdresser or get our nails done. Me-Time is the time where you process all what we are exposed to on a daily level. Even if we would avoid the news we still hear stories from neighbors, families, friends – there’s love and laughter and drama, there is so much to cope with that it is overwhelming once in a while.

Life isn’t supposed to be easy, it shows us daily that there is lots of misery on this planet – now, in the middle of a pandemic even more than ever before – but life is also wonderful, even when there are times which are not easy. To realise this and not to get lost in the dark we need these times where we embrace it all.

I am 42 years old, almost 43, and if I learned only one thing it is that nothing is permanent.

I struggle as everyone else, sometimes more and sometimes less, and in the end not one of these struggles has been permanent. 

As time goes by depressions go by, as times change anxiety changes, all is fluid and moving, we are not made of stones.

Last year was a miserable year for me, job wise, of course last year had as many wonderful moments as it had bad. But if I look back to 2019 I often see only the bad (still) because it is a process of processing what happened. This processing is only taking place when I make myself a priority, when I take a time-out and live through parts of it, meditate, or even just lay down and stare at the ceiling. Only if the bad is processed it lifts the veil of the good things that happened to me last year, and of course there were so many of them. People tend to drown in misery and that’s nothing unnormal, it’s part of human nature, it needs strengths to get out of this circle and look out for the positive. Once you start it you will be excited, believe me. 

The lotus flower grows out of mud, this symbolism is wonderful – even if you are covered in shi* from head to toe you can smile and start to wash it off!

So – 2019, the year I wanted to erase in my brain – thanks I did not.

Besides all the bad stories (and they were bad not because I did something wrong!) I would’ve erased memories of our summer vacation, memories of the third birthday of our son (he doesn’t deserve that mummy forgot all about it!), our wedding anniversary in Venice, this wonderful city, Christmas with the family and all these thousands of happy memories in between. 

Even the really crappy times at work left good memories because I went through it, with stomach pain, yes, but today I know they made me stronger and I learned – if there would ever be a next time I would respond earlier and set more boundaries. Karma is the word of 2019 for me because I believe that one day all people involved will feel their Karma hitting them. What goes around, comes around.

For 2020 I am not yet sure which word it could be. This pandemic hit us all in many different ways and also so similar. My plan for 2020 was to relax, to go into a sabbatical and become a Yoga Teacher, learn about Ayurveda and spend time with my family. The plan was to recharge my batteries after 2019 and be ready to start through in 2021.

We are now at the end of 2020 and I am about to finish my Yoga Teacher Training.

I tried to revive this blog – a bit at least, and I take time for myself when needed. We were closer than ever before as a family during the first lockdown due to Covid19 and if I see the news we may have a second lockdown just in front of us. I struggle, not all of the time but in between. There are days when I hardly want to leave the bed because the uncertainty is overwhelming and raises an anxiety of the unknown. How will it be, what will happen next, why do we need to experience this? But there won’t be answers to these questions right away. We may have answers in a few months, in the next years, who knows? We cannot plan life and this is one big lesson learned for someone like me who loves to plan each step ahead. No, not this time. I am forced to see what happens, to step into the unknown daily and wait for what’s next. What I can plan is to control my mindset as best as I can and believe me, this is not easy. I had two really really depressed days with anxiety and everything was overwhelming. Now, day 3 and I’m typing – I sit here with candlelight, we were on the playground before, chatting breathing fresh air and watching our children playing freely, two days ago I would not even been able to think about this. Life is good! It goes on and on and everything is flowing.

You will move through the dark times and always see light again.

Make yourself a priority, hide for two days if needed and then you will be back and people will not scare you but uplift you. Small talks with friends will be good and create once more good memories.

Doing good things for yourself is as important as being good to others. My son needs his mom, my husband his wife and after these two days where they saw me miserable I am now back to be fun to be with. This is how life goes, even a 4 year old is not having good mood all day long – he can relate in his own childish perceptions. 

All that counts at the end is that all is good!

For now all is good and when the next low hits us we know we will make it through – I hope you have many highs and not too much lows, a pandemic isn’t make it easier, but hey, we are all in this together and you are not alone!

***Sending you lots of love and positive vibes***