Today is the first day of Spring…

Today is the first day of Spring...

No, according to the calendar it isn’t, but for me it definitely is!

It’s the first day since months where I woke up to a clear and sunny sky and actually heard the birds chirping through the closed bedroom window.

I drove my son to the kindergarten and missed my sunglasses in the car.

When I arrived back home I would have loved to stay outside instead of sitting on my desk because this sun starts to be warm again.

Now I’m sitting at work and the window behind me is open. The birds are chirping outside as if they were silenced for a long time and have to proof now that their voices are still fine.

Oh how I love this sound, nature is awakening and so are we. I feel lighter than before and my mood is better whenever I hear them.

Living according to nature is so great, if I could do that without being attached to work hours and kindergarten times and, and, and then I would wake up when the sun rises and slow down when the sun sets and the birds are quiet for the night and give over to the crickets. Nature sounds calm me down in the second which shows me how far away we are from a natural style of living here in the middle of Munich without a garden.

But it also shows me that the nature is so powerful because it comes into the city no matter what.

There can be tons of cars, the birds don’t care and settle down.

My spring arrived and I’m looking forward to a warmer period in the coming weeks.

How do you welcome spring in your life?


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