Praise the women because they are much more than you can imagine, even in your wildest dreams.

If you should tell me attributes a woman has then I would answer tell me attributes a woman has NOT!

So so so much misunderstanding of who we truly are is still so present on this earth although we proved more than enough that these fairy tales without happy ending are NOT true.

Women are NOT the supposedly weaker sex and if you are honest you all know that!

Women care for their families no matter what, they stand up even if they have the feeling that they break down.

Women manage whole communities.

Women survive pain and loss and grow stronger.

Women protect their family like only a lioness is able to.

Women create life and give birth.

Women can love endlessly even then when their hearts were broken.

Women are powerful and strong.

Women know that they deserve better.

Women are leaders.

Women are brave.

Women are awesome.

Women still receive lower pay and fewer opportunities for career and business development.

Women achieved lots but there’s still a long long way ahead of us.

One thing which we don’t want is, we don’t want to be men – just because we want our rights doesn’t mean that we want to be a man! Believe me, the majority of women is entirely happy to be born as a woman and not as a man 🙂

We believe in our self and we empower other women to start believing in themselves.

We have dreams and we go for it – we don’t want to be harassed, abused or more, we want to be who we truly are without the judgement of men. If we want to wear a short skirt we do so and this will never be an invite!

We believe that the future for women is bright because we will make it bright!

Dears – have an awesome international women day and celebrate the goddess in you!

The tribe of strong women is already there, we need to support each other and we will grow and get what we deserve!

be free

be wild

be you

stay strong

be soft

live the diversity



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