Tossing and turning

Tossing and turning

That’s our recent bed time routine.

A while ago it was nursing and then he turned away a slept.

Now he turns away and starts to turn and roll and sit up and lay down – I’m happy that I haven’t bruises in my face yet or a knocked out tooth because changing positions is often very spontaneous and energetic.

He’s growing so fast that I often wonder when this will end.

I love our family bed – is there something more cuts than a tiny hand that searches for you at night and a little sigh of relief when it touches you.

Mommy is here, sleep tight!

I know that these days will go by sooner or later and therefore I try especially during nights which are not only relaxed but sleepless to remember that.

One day I will miss these nights, even the sleepless ones when I was hit without warning by an arm or a leg. One day I would wish that this tiny hand would rest on my arm.

I always try to live in the moment and to enjoy and see the positive in every situation but as a mother this now is another dimension – all of a sudden I realise the reason why it is so important.

We build memories with every single ‘now’ moment which cannot be captured by pictures or words, only our heart and soul are able to treasure these nows.

Build as many memories as you can, these are the important things in life!


  1. My baby is 2 now and does not cuddle anymore. Does not sleep in my bed anymore. She likes her space. As sleep deprived as I used to be, I miss those days!! Love your post!

  2. This is so beautiful! I miss the days when my little used to sleep in my arms. We had to move him to the crib at 6 months because he wasn’t sleeping and it was starting to affect him… I do enjoy the occasional snuggles at hotel rooms on vacation! And I still get lots of snuggles on the couch throughout the day.❤️ I’m hoping he’s always a bit of a snuggler! Wishful thinking?

  3. For the last few weeks I have begun to realize how much I am going to miss the middle of the night feeds – when the whole world is quiet and it’s just her and I. Ugh! This post totally tugs at my heartstrings. I don’t want my little one to grow, I’d love for her to snuggle in my arms forever.

    1. As exhausting as it is sometimes, I was thinking the same. The diversity of motherhood, we want to see them growing and we want to keep them tiny 😂

  4. Baby cuddles are the best! It’s always bittersweet when they start wriggling enough to sleep in their own beds. Enjoy every moment!

  5. Sleep is crazy. I have three kids and they were all so different when it came to sleep, well they are so different in more ways but sleep has been a big thing. Once each baby was a year my husband helped out with the sleep thing more. Babies are always better when their daddy goes in lol. They must know moms have a hard time leaving when they give them that look.

    My training has changed with each kid. I love cuddles and enjoy them more with my 3rd. Nighttime feedings is love/hate for me 🙁

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