My dears,

Today I need some advise. I finalized my first short story and now I’m thinking about what to do with it. It is fictional and has 2.857 words and the title is “The life changing fortune cookie”.

Finally I decided to just give it a try and self-publish. I don’t have anything to lose, do I?

So here we go – I proudly present – tatatatataaaaaa:


Looking forward to your reviews / comments / thought,
yours misssfaith


  1. I’ve written a few novels (been trying to get published since I was eleven and wrote my first one :p As it turns out it’s really hard to get published especially without any connections) but what I did do is self publish them. If you go to scroll to the bottom of the page and click “independently publish with us” you can create hard copies of your book through CreateSpace (if you format it yourself like I did it costs you zero dollars!) and then just order copies at a low cost as you want them (no minimum order!). I’ve done this and sell them out of my dad’s store but anyone can also order a hard copy through amazon. Now because yours is a short story you might have trouble doing things that way, but you can also (through amazon) publish your book to the kindle. Again if you do it yourself it costs nothing 🙂 This way anyone with a kindle around the world can find your book on amazon and download it and you can set the price of your story.

    Another idea might be to enter it in a writing contest or two, you can find these online, but the problem with those is your work usually has to be unpublished to enter; meaning you could not have it on amazon or posted anywhere on the internet to enter it. But you can win cash prizes and have it published in a magazine if you win :).

    Just a few ideas, goodluck! xox

    ps. I like the drawing, did you do that yourself?

    1. Thanks for your comment! What I actually did is submitting it to a short story journal – let’s see what it brings. I already thought about the self publish option but before I look into it further I want to have a greater portfolio.
      The drawing is a mixture of a photo I’ve taken and photoshop, I’m not really good in drawing but at least I know how to use apps and can say in the end I did it mainly myself 🙂

      1. Goodluck, I hope you make it in the journal 🙂 Getting anywhere in writing takes a whole lot of perseverance so don’t let yourself get discouraged.

        I have probably hundreds of rejection letters from publishing houses and literary agents (they won’t even read your work most of the time. You write a well written one page query about what your novel is about and 99 times out of 100 they won’t even lay eyes on your manuscript, just politely say they would not be interested in reading it). It is a tough world! But I’m now working on my ninth novel and I plan to get published if it’s the last thing I do :p

        Also that’s awesome, I think the photo looks really professional :). Keep at it!

      2. Thanks – I’m just starting and keep it more as a hobby at the moment, but as I know myself I want to at least give it a try. If it’s not working I will hopefully fill my blog in future with stories 🙂

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