Can you please grow old with grace?

I have the feeling as if the world around me is getting more and more insane.
As soon as I open the web, a magazine, the TV and sometimes even the front door I see false faces.
Who ever made a law that women past 30 aren’t allowed anymore to have small wrinkles around their eyes or normal lips?
What I’m wondering is, do they like what they find each morning in their mirror?
Questions which are answered with “No, I just drink lots of water and eat healthy, there was nothing done to my face, honestly!” – sure, and I’m living on the moon.

I don’t like to drink plain water but therefore lots of different teas and yes, also the scary brownish fluid called coffee, may this be the reason for the wrinkles around my eyes? Definitely no! I live and I love and I laugh!!!
I fortunately get older each year. Oh, and I mean each year, I’m not celebrating my 29th birthday for the sixth time in a row.
Don’t get me wrong, I love to look beautiful and I’m almost addicted when it comes to new creams, oils, etc. (mmhh, I’m lazy with eye cream) but if I see needles or even surgery knifes near to a face I run as fast as I can. I’m a coward, I know. These surgeries for sure don’t hurt. It’s just like buying new shoes, isn’t it?
The cruel part is that you can get the idea of “easy done” when you see all these perfect faces (which in reality remind me of the rocky horror picture show).
Aren’t they scared of mistakes, reactions to narcotics, a loose hand of a surgeon who worked 48 hrs in a row? I would be and in the same way I would be scared of the result.
Will I be able to recognize myself afterwards or do I look like a brand new person?

Thanks, that I don’t have to answer as I won’t do something to my face but I’m sure I would miss the stories it’s telling. My husband has many expressions of my face he loves (tired, laughing loudly, looking scared) and some he dislikes (no, I never look at him in an angry way even if he’s saying so…).
Just imagine what a loss it would be when I turn up with a stiff face – no movement visible.
And lips is also a topic which is scaring me. If the whole face seems to be just lips and more important, their sensitivity. Lips belong to the most sensitive parts of a human and it’s just taken to have one rubber hose above another? Isn’t that insane?
Not to mention want can be done besides the face…sitting has to be hard for some for a couple of weeks when the inlays are new.

Why are woman doing that?!?

There is always a ‘behind the scenes’ and I would say it’s first of all a big lack of self confidence. Whatever this comes from, a deep look into oneself would be better than trying to hide insecurities or scars behind a mask.

Other reasons could be to follow the crowd, like in childhood – eeeeeveryone has this, mummy, I neeeeed that too!!!! I’m happily swimming against the crowd then.

Or to get closer to ideal faces you find in commercials as the for sure NEVER went through photoshop!!! Just check some Facebook profiles from teenager, they already know with Instagram and several other apps how to look as if they just turned twenty five with no spots on their skin and sleek hair. The problem is just that you won’t recognize them in real life.

Could men be a reason? I’m not entirely sure about men – there are men who love these masks but hopefully the majority still loves real beauty.

But the main point is, for whom am I doing something and for me it’s in first place myself. Sure I like to be pretty for my husband but if I ask him he states, I love you how you are, if you just stood up in the morning or put make up for whatever, it’s you.
That’s one of the most important points.
You can do as much as you want but beauty means more than the face, it means attitude, authenticity, charisma, radiation, aura, inner feelings and so on – all these will shop up on your face and in your eyes.
The majority of these lifted, unreal, I-want-to-be-perfect women have one thing in common – dead eyes. What I mean is their eyes are blank, emotionless, the sparkle is missing and they do not glow.

For sure these are all extremes and to be natural, authentic and real doesn’t mean that we can’t use a bit of make up, of course we can, we are women. I like that as well to underline, but what we should not to is trying to paint something new onto something old or vice versa. It will never work.
Do they think about the coming years? How will it look like in ten years, will they look like a hobbit with hanging ears? Or will they have monthly appointments to stretch the skin again a bit more and fix it behind their hanging ears?
I cannot imagine that we won’t have cute grand moms anymore in a couple of years, that’s a big loss!
The perfect women society – teenager look as if they are twenty nine as well as their moms and grand moms?
I don’t want to join this society!

I was thinking about before/after pictures but I decided against as I’m sure everyone knows instantly what I mean (if not, then this post may not be for you ;-))
Instead of horror pictures I reveal my first wrinkles (please ignore the mascara spread below but fortunately I’m not the photoshop master).
It may be a horror picture for the addicted ones, for me it’s my life and it looks as if I had good laughs and I plan to have them in the future as well!

Stay real!!!



  1. Sad to say, it’s the culture we live in. If you travel to other countries you will see that plastic surgery is not worshipped and age is celebrated.
    I, like you, refuse to go under the knife. I just turned 30 and can see the wrinkles forming, but I’m happy and feel that I have earned the right to show those wrinkles proudly.

    1. Exactly, many countries see the benefits of elder people and it’s for sure not about their look.
      They have so many stories and experiences to share and who cares about wrinkles? As you wrote, we earn them and they tell stories without talking.

  2. I hope I’m growing older with grace–at least that’s what I endeavor to do. I think my children will see the value of me as I get older as I have always valued my grandmother (RIP) and my mother–she is more like my BFF now 🙂

    1. Yeah, someone else thinking the same way 🙂 as long as my face is not hanging below my chin I don’t care about a few wrinkles – life lived leaves signs and makes a woman from my point of view not ugly but gracefully.

  3. We live in a culture that is more interested what is on the outside and what we wear, car we drive than focus on the beauty of the person inside and who they truly are. However, my mom is 72 and she doesn’t have a wrinkle, she swears by Dove soap, moisturizer and drinking lots of plain tap water!

    1. Haha, that’s great, I had a grand aunt who swore on Nivea out of the blue pot all her life. She had wrinkles but looked amazing. I think it was mainly because we was happy inside and glowing as a result on the outside as well.

  4. It is sad that this is the world we live in. I have a teenage daughter and it’s a real challenge to make sure she doesn’t think she has to live up to all the fake/photoshop/etc looks that are splattered across the magazines and tv. I’m all for aging naturally and gracefully, too, while taking care of your body and working to stay healthy.

    1. I can completely agree on your statement! Even if you live to “old” values and try your best to give them along there are so many outside influences. But giving up is not an option – at least not for me 🙂

    1. Totally – look into those faces and see what’s behind – nothing or at least not much left – some are really scaring me off as I don’t even see a twinkle in the eye.

  5. IMHO – a good sense of self-worth will keep you real -and intrinsically beautful. Wise you are, whatever your age, to keep enhancing that quality. Then your whole life will be filled with grace.

  6. Every time you have surgery, there’s a risk, so I can’t imagine having plastic surgery just to look younger. But I do wan to keep looking younger than I am, so I use creams & serums & such, including an eye cream. Now, this will sound crazy, I know, but I have to say that when my face looks more droopy because I am out of a cream or skipped a few days, I don’t see the same perky, laughing person in the mirror. When I do use the creams faithfully, I connect more easily to my young-feeling, sweet self. True story.

    1. Nobody wants to look old I assume, I love to use castor oil on my face – my beloved great aunt was swearing on cold water in the morning – everyone has his/her favourites and that’s wonderful.
      Awful from my perspective is to see masks / same faces with high botoxed cheeks and identical noses. There’s a trend now to microneedle the skin with collagen and microblade eyebrows 😩
      That’s just too much – we are humans and not dolls.

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