National Cat Day

Is there someone out there who can explain me this horrible cat loving thing?
Yes, cats are cute, not all but some, and yes, you can have a cat pet or two.
More than two are from my point of view critical, it always reminds me that there are (mainly) women out there who have cats instead of friends and what I don’t want for sure is exactly this!
I don’t have a cat so what I am hearing if I say something against this thing called cat love is: You hate animals!
No, I like animals BUT I like humans more. I don’t say that I won’t have a cat one day. One cat!
But what I can say is that I won’t post thousands of cat pictures on Facebook, call them as if they were kids (come to mummy, sweetie), care more about a cat than about a human, feed it with extra bought luxury stuff. Honestly, what are cats eating if they aren’t handled like little princes and princesses? They for sure don’t stop eating just because it isn’t the best of the best ever implemented cat food with lots of commercials for cat holders.
I truly believe that persons who love their cat(s) more than a human have a big problem in regards to relationships. A cat will never disappoint them? Sure they will because they are well known for leaving as soon as someone else is feeding it more often. How many cats disappear and then a neighbor down the street has a “new” cat?

And to get again back to the question if I hate animals, is there a valid reason why there isn’t a national day of the louse, of the frog, of the sheep, of the cockroach, of the spider, of the …?!?

Either you love animals or you hate them – how many cat holders don’t love spiders?

To be honest, it is ridiculous to have a day like this, but that’s only my opinion.
I would prefer national days which have a least a sense, we have more than enough problems on this earth to focus on and where a national day at least would raise awareness.

Take care – humans!


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