Another wedding DIY

Here’s another small wedding DIY project…

Small flags for the cakes.

Curious or genuinely interested?

Curious or genuinely interested?

I would say the second applies to me but who is willing to admit that he or she is genuinely curious?
Whereas I would say either way isn’t a bad way. It just shows that you still are interested in things outside of your own comfort zone. I’m for sure not loving everyone but that doesn’t mean that I’m not interested. Sometimes it’s the fascination or maybe even malicious joy and on other occasions it could be empathy, learning from others, thinking outside of the box.
As long as you are acting in a kind way no one will feel laughed at or not taken seriously so is no harm you’re doing.
Humans in general are interesting and fascinating in many different ways. This whole big game of action and reaction is not only interesting for psychologists, no, it’s even helpful to look at myself. Why are we doing what, why are we feeling served, disappointed, cheated on, etc. Many things just happen because we are thinking in the wrong way, about ourselves or about others. Why should a stranger think something about me, like e.g. “How is she walking” – there are two options why we think that, either we know we are walking quite different compared to others or we don’t feel confident in walking which could have thousands of reasons. So who’s problem is it, in the end ours. If we want to avoid these thoughts we have to work on ourselves. Work doesn’t mean you have to change your style, it could as well just mean we don’t care any more about what others may think.
So back to the topic, I love being curious as this is one of the free things in human learning. You don’t have to pay a penny to learn from others behavior.

Be keen, enjoy life and grab as many input as you can get – it doesn’t harm, it just shows us different options and we may adopt a few and neglect others and that’s fine.

Faith in yourself is the greatest thing you can earn,
Miss Faith


Wedding DIY

Here’s just a bit of what I prepared up to now for our upcoming wedding.

Handkerchiefs for happy tears
Small tags to hang in a tree (we celebrate in a garden)
A sign for the guestbook
The motto of the day
Our menu cards
Seat cards
I’m more than keen now to see it all on its place – pics of the real wedding decoration will for sure follow.
Take care!

Our honeymoon is booked…

Our honeymoon is booked…

One of the last steps of the wedding preparation is done.
I finally booked our honeymoon – yeah – Ibiza, we will come for two weeks!!!
I honestly can’t wait for the relaxation part to start soon. Sure the wedding itself will be the most exciting part but I feel more and more tired of planning.
To have holidays in near sight gives me a good feeling as we can relax completely as Mr.&Mrs. then.
Why Ibiza and not the typical spots like Maldives, Seychelles or Caribbean Sea?
Who wants more than 10 hours flight time if we have so nice places just around the corner? We don’t want to start the honeymoon with a jet lag.
Ibiza for sure is well known as a party island but what we did is checking quiet places not near to the tourist region and we found something hopefully nice with the sea in walking distance and empty beaches around us. If we need action we still can drive into these areas. Most important for us was a quiet place, palm trees to sit below with a book, beaches where you don’t have to lay down between strangers, a small hotel with breakfast outside instead of standing in a row for the buffet and so on.
I will for sure let you know if we made the right choice but I have no doubts.
The smaller island on the picture is Formentera, we may take a boat trip for one day to check it as well.
Enjoy the sunny week as best as you can.
Miss Faith