The third and last recipe of my cooking box test week

I really have to recommend
These guys have wonderful recipes and high quality food which they deliver – even for people new to cooking it’s easy to follow and have a nice dinner.

The last recipe of the week was a Tomatoe-Ricotta-Tarte
I was already looking forward to cook it as I love tomatoes as well as ricotta cheese.
As side dish we had salad.
It’s almost impossible to have a full dinner prepared quicker. Except of grating the Parmesan cheese and cutting the tomatoes nothing needs to be prepared upfront.
According to the recipe it was complete vegetarian but we changed it slightly and added bacon to have a bit of another taste inside.
Absolutely delicious!!! In less than half an hour everything was ready to be served.
And once again – if someone wants the full recipe, just let me know and I send it through.
Yummie, Cooking Miss Faith

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