The child within a man…

…can be funny if its not too much. If you discover more than two of the following
10 reasons that prove that he still is a mummy’s boy – run!!!

1. Whatever you cook, his mum is doing it better.
2. The display of his mobile shows a pic of his mum.
3. His sentences start with: “Mummy thinks…”.
4. She is still cutting his toenails.
5. His fav movie is Forrest Gump.
6. He likes dresses which were trendy in the 70’s.
7. He’s Italian.
8. He’s forgetting your anniversary but never Mother’s Day.
9. If he has a cold his mum is moving in.
10. There’s only one woman with a key to his flat – guess who?!?

Greetings from Miss Faith

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