The eyebrow shape

Do you know how it is when you had your eyebrows shaped the same style for years and years and then you are trying to change it?
I’m just in the process for the x-th time, I can’t even count any more how often I started it.
The main problem – at least for me – is that they start to grow naturally and I have the feeling as if there is something wrong in my face.
I feel each small tiny little hair and have the urge to plug it right away.
This is now the time to show myself how much self discipline I can have.
One good thing is that nowadays the beauty industry has lots of eyebrow pencils so that at least nobody will see the difference until its done. I can hide or cover up areas the way I like it.
The last I want is having additionally the feeling as if people are staring at me.
And again, this is the perfectionism I try to fight as I know exactly that nobody except of me is realizing anything so tiny in my face unless its their business and they work in the beauty area.
Call it weird but I’d rather be weird than not being how I want to be.

What are your beauty problems?
Stay safe,
Miss Faith

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