I’m happy when . . .

…whenever my husband is around me…
Not around me like a person who needs to make me laugh or as entertainment, no, it’s more the feeling of being sheltered, being around the person I love.
…when I have chocolate somewhere in my flat.
Chocolate makes happy and that’s true as I know I’m not happy if I want to have a piece and the box is empty.
…when the sun is shining.
Light, especially sunlight, is essential for me. Winter times are depressive as its dark and cold but as soon as I feel the warmth of sunlight on my skin in spring I’m happy.
…whenever I have nothing to do than relax and spend time on writing, sleeping, reading or listening to music.
There’s so much to do on normal working days that I cherish these happy moments.
…I finally bought the shoes I wanted so desperately.
Women, I know, but there are times when I see a pair of shoes and am unsure, then it seems as if they drop themselves into my view as I discover the same pair in several stores, as if they hunt me. When bought it makes me and my feet happy!

And what happens if you ask a man to finish the sentence – this is the answer from my husband:
…when I watch the final of the champions league and Real Madrid is beating Barcelona 6:0.

Enjoy and take care,
Miss Faith


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