What to Wear with Skinny JeansIt depends on your shape. I love skinny jeans because you can combine so many clothes with them.
A short dress, which would be too short without trousers, looks great as well as a layer look.
They go with high heels, boots and flat shoes. I don’t start to talk about colors as this depends on what you like but attached is a variety on how you could wear skinny jeans. I put some “what if” scenarios below and I wrote “what if you think” on purpose as many have an idea of how they look like whereas in reality they are “normal” shaped. Nevertheless, the aim is that you feel comfortable and confident while wearing skinny jeans so you may give some of these tips just a try.

What if you think you have short legs – try heels, as soon as you wear heels with your jeans your legs appear longer! Boots may work also but it depends on the length, calf mid or ankle boots should have a heel, flat mostly let your legs appear the way they are but not adding length.

What if you have a great shape but don’t want it to show off too much – here I would go with tunics or long tops, they could be tight but as soon as they cover your bottom it has the impression of not showing off too much.

What if you think you have heavy hips or a heavy bottom – wear long blouses or long shirts which aren’t too tight. The jeans is already tight and this way you can cover up easily what you don’t like. Smooth, flowing material is complimentary.

What if you think you are skinny and don’t want to look bulimic – try the layer look, means put several tops on, sure they should fit to each other in color and essential is that they have different lengths which almost all show off in the end, hanging loosely above each other. You can start with a basic top or shirt, above a button down shirt or blouse, it can stay unbuttoned or only half closed. This is the start but to have more layers there are many opportunities, like a vest, a cardigan, or a jacket or all of them. But don’t add too much, otherwise you may look more heavy than you intended to.

These are only a few tips on how to wear them, there are indeed many possibilities.
Accessories like belts, scarfs, hip belts, necklaces which draw the view to something else can work also as well as roll the skinnies up with ballet flats

Trying what’s best for you is the main thing from my point of view.

My favorites are all of them – seems as if I’m a fashion addict.
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Yours, Miss Faith


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