Xmas with the family

This year (or to be correct, last years – 2012) I spent Xmas again with my family. The last years we hadn’t had a Xmas only with our inner circle family which means mum, dad, my sister and me. Sometimes it was me and my parents when my sister was with her boyfriend, or it was my sister and my parents while I stayed in Munich. This year all were happy to be together again. For me it was also a time to get some rest while doing nothing. Doing nothing is something I’m absolutely bad at. As long as I’m home I will find something which has to be done instead of just snuggling up on the couch and read a book or watch a movie. This is different at my parents as I don’t have to clean the house or do the washing. I was already looking forward to watch all the Xmas fairy tales on TV, feeling like a child again, no problems, no tasks.
It turned out that I really had a few relaxing days. There was lots of family gathering with aunts and uncles and their families but no stress during my stay. A bit of shopping, coffee with old friends, delicious food and lots of sleep.
Our Xmas tree was a cute small one this year and on twenty fourth we celebrated in the typical German way with potato salad and sausage in the evening, unwrapping the presents and family games for the rest of the evening. This year it was “rummikub” and I’m really keen to win those games. I started good but was the loser in the end – haha. But a saying here says if you aren’t lucky in gambling you are lucky with love. Keeping my love is worth losing the games!
On twenty fifth the traditional Xmas goose was prepared for lunch. If you never tried a goose you miss something, it’s so lovely!
And the last official Xmas day, the twenty sixth, which is also the birthday of one of my aunts we stayed in her house for birthday cake and coffee in the afternoon. All my cousins around and lots of chatting and laughing.
For New Year’s Eve I planned nothing, I just stayed at my friend and we had a nice dinner, lots of talking and TV and watched the fireworks from her balcony.
But like always, as soon as you feel a bit relaxed and would like to relax a bit more it’s time to get back to work. The same for me, directly on the first of January I had to drive back home to start working the next day.
The good thing about it is, that it was only one more month left until I can close my arms around my fiancé again, inshallah. As he told me before, the time will pass quickly.
I hope all of you had a nice holiday and a happy start in 2013.
I have no New Years resolutions but hopefully this year will be exciting with all our plans ahead.
Faithfully, Miss Faith!

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  1. While reading this one question is popping out in my head.
    How is your husband thinking about christmas, having a christmas tree and stuff like that?

    1. I bought a small tree shortly before he arrived as I like this Xmas mood – he likes it as well.
      If I say mood it really all about the nice things, candles, cookies, fireplace, etc. my whole family isn’t celebrating in the typical Christian way – we take it more than a family get together in a nice surrounding and this is what my husband can accept as well.

      1. Good to read he doesn’t mind, xmas is all about comming together. – Question was ofcourse because of his religion. – My family thinks the same way about celebrating xmas. It’s just all comming together, having a great time. Nothing to do with religion. He finds it exiting, it’s his first real xmas. And he likes the mood, lights and cozy feeling. But not everyone in his family thinks the same way. – Happily everyone respects me and his choise and are oke with it. But they don’t wanna celebrate. Since they got respect for me celebrating it, i got respect for them not participate.

      2. I have to say that we are appreciating the other ones celebrations – I think that describes it best.
        If they have some religious celebrations like the big feast after Ramadan he congratulates me although I’m not fasting etc.
        We just include each other – he will get Xmas presents although not celebrating.
        Our Xmas goose will be a halal one so he can enjoy it as well.
        We just mix up cultures and want to do that in the best way possible.

      3. Yeah same here. And If you respect both cultures it will work out fine. – beautifull to see how it can be mixed.

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