Buying engagement rings

Sealing the bond of life or at least entering the stage of planning it with an engagement is great!
If you ever have the feeling you found your soulmate, your second half, the one who’s fitting, who’s giving you the feeling of being the most precious person on earth, who’s loving you just the way you are, and if this person is asking you to marry him/her, do yourself a favor and say yes.
Beyond what you can imagine is the love which is growing in the second even if you would have thought before it can’t get more.
Being engaged is great, I love it and I’m proudly wearing my ring so that everyone can see I belong to someone special!
But buying rings was not as easy as I thought before. Sure, as a woman I had a picture in my mind of how it should look like but also a limit in regards to the price.
Tiffany has great stuff if you robbed a bank before but there must be something similar which is affordable without committing a crime.
I started to ask google because in the pre-Christmas season it’s not much fun to go window shopping in Munich. You cannot walk, you will be pushed in directions you never wanted by the crowd of people running for Christmas presents. The other thing was that we wanted to have as much quiet time for ourselves as possible for the duration of my fiancé’s stay in Germany. But what google has shown me was awful, trashy, glittery, immature, ugly, too kittenish or girlish.
I don’t want to wear a ring with hearts on it and colored imitation diamonds. Maybe a twelve year old is dreaming about it but not me as a grown woman. The next was that if they looked acceptable the only difference between the man and the woman was a small “stone” on the woman’s ring but I don’t want a male shape for mine neither a female shape for my fiancé’s ring. Maybe I have to clarify one thing, normally the engagement ring will be switched on the wedding day from the left hand to the right hand or as in Libya the other way round, from the right hand to the left hand. In our case we decided to have an engagement ring AND an extra wedding ring. The wedding ring can be pure with just a little stone but for the engagement I wanted something special.
Means I had to forget the pair couple offers. You will not find a pair where the ring for the woman has a special shape or form, they are all similar.
Fortunately my fiancé was already aware that I’m not the crowd follower, I wanted something unique and different. And who is making the rules? We, as I don’t want to be told by others what and where I have to wear a ring.
After I disagreed on almost all rings I found on the web we went to a tiny small jewellery shop and decided to buy silver rings, but not to choose them because the fit together, instead to choose what we like and what we want to wear.
Our rings are beautiful, for us, and we know what they mean to us, even if they may not fit together in someone’s opinion, we don’t care!
The most important thing is that we love them, gave them their meaning and are wearing them proudly.
They have names inside and the engagement date so they will always reflect this special day for us.
Keep the faith, once again, you can only be happy if you are doing what you like instead of pleasing others.


  1. First of all, damn i totally love the ring.
    You did a great job by not going for a couple offer.

    Second. While reading “the proposal” and reading this blog , two questions are poping in my head.
    Did he get on one knee?
    And why a ring for both? Has this to do with his religion?

    Explanantion for my last question:
    As far as i know, the man get’s on one knee, brings out the box where a beautifull ring is popping out. So why did you choose for this choise?

    Not that i don’t like the idea of you both getting a ring and most of all choosing your own ring. What is really great because not all men knowing the taste of their woman, haha..
    Happily i know that he know what i like. And also i’m a little bit curious about what he will choose for a ring, while poping the BIG question. Because just like what you said in a blog before. Talking about proposing is not the way to get proposed, i wanna hear the question!

    1. I love it as well – still wearing it on the other hand now.

      Couple offers were really like following the crowd and this is the last thing on earth we want to do 😉

      Haha, “the proposal” will remain our secret but no, he did not get on his knee and a ring for him as we used them not only as engagement but also as Islamic wedding rings.

      If the proposal is meant as a surprise I would assume it could be like that – your explanantion – but I was just teasing him a bit that I won’t marry until he would propose officially although we knew already that we will marry.

      And yessssss (!), it’s always better to at least point out which ring would be perfect – haha, men sometimes have a strange taste!

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