The proposal

Did I mentioned already that I’m the happiest person on earth right now?
And did I mentioned already that I’m engaged? Engaged like going to marry, like starting really an adult life, being serious and sharing my life with a precious person?
If not, then you know it now – yes, I said yes to THE question.
The question we saw so many movies about, the most romantic moment in a women’s life…there are many mysteries about how a proposal should be to be perfect.
Luckily for my fiancé I’m not a girly, princess-like woman who loves pink and dreams about a wedding in a castle.
To be honest I don’t even like all this stuff. I like to be a woman, to dress up sometimes, to look beautiful, I have my nails done etcetera but if it comes to wedding ceremonies I like it pure and small.
How did he ask me?
The sky was red, the sun fading in the horizon, music was playing far away and brought to us by a summer breeze, he kneeled down in front of me…blablabla…
No, that would have been the version many expect but not me.
I have to disappoint all now as this most intimate moment is something so pure and private and even if I’m really so so happy it is a moment that belongs to us. Just the two of us who sealed somehow our future way.
But what changes if you answer the question of all questions?
As a realistic thinking person I always thought it will not change my life too much as I will stay the same person but I was totally wrong.
This feeling of connecting, of sealing a bond for the rest of my life, it’s something so new and exciting. For instance, I wear rings, always, and I change them according to my mood, but when we bought the engagement rings it was different. (Also finding the right ones was different or special but that’s another story – haha. The rebel in me wasn’t convinced of all these couple rings.) I’m hardly taking it off nowadays and whenever I look at it my heart is bumping. There is my second half present in this ring and giving me the feeling of being loved, wanted, needed, taken care of – no doubts just entirely happiness. It’s kind of weird as I never could imagine how it would be and that a tiny question could change so many things but it does. I think even if I would start to write a full book about it it will never catch all emotions as you have to experience them.
The dimension of a relationship changes in the second and I love it!
More stories soon and up to then, keep the faith!


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