The right place, the wrong time…

Does this really exist? I strongly believe that we are always where we should be and things happen if they should happen so this sentence makes no sense for me. What I experienced so far is that everything what happened had a deeper sense. Even if we don’t catch it directly in the second, afterwards I found out what things were good for. If you have faith in life and believe that there is something/someone guiding us, where should be the right place during the wrong time? We wouldn’t be there if its wrong. From my point of view we are at places exactly at that time we have to be there – OK, I’m not talking about being late for scheduled dates because of ridiculous reasons like not have a dry nail polish in time – it’s about life in total and we are led to the places where we have to be. Even if it seems as if everything is going wrong or into the wrong direction it will teach us lessons. As soon as this is understood many thing are more clear, maybe not easy to handle, but we have an idea on how to handle them, change them, revert our habits and so on. I love to learn and to gain new views on everything life is about and when I started to be more cautious, more curious, more keen to know it gave me a different kind of thinking. We should embrace and cherish what we have instead of reaching for the stars as often the stars are already present but we are just too blind to realize. Life is learning until the end and that’s what is making it so special.
Be faithful and trust in life, I believe that’s the key.

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