Crap TV

I don’t know if its just a German phenomenon but during the past years the tv programm was becoming more and more crap and trash.
Where are all the good movies? Where are the interesting talks and discussions?
When I just start zapping through channels in the evening I hardly find anything interesting to watch. Instead of movies it’s common to have tv shows, singing contests, problematic couples, youngsters, pets, news about catastrophes around the world and celebrity stuff.
I’m wondering which persons are keen to see all this as it seems to be the majority. TV channels are adapting their program to what people want to see. That’s scary if you think about it. Which insane mind wants all this crap each day? Interesting topics are on late in the evening or even in the middle of the night. But the main question is what is happening to our society if that’s the new “normal”? Are we losing our minds from generation to generation? I’m not that old to say sentences like “when I was young it was…” but I already found myself several times saying it. And if you look at people outside you already realize there was a change, which in first place isn’t bad at all, changes are needed cause otherwise it would mean we stopped living, the problem is that these changes are not good ones. It’s not only crap on TV, it’s also just in front of your door when you step outside.
I’m living next to a school with children from twelve to sixteen years, when they have lunch breaks and you see them walking, talking, acting its like another planet. When I imagine myself at this age I was still almost a child, nowadays girls with thirteen look like eighteen or even more, dressed up in mini-mini-skirts, a make up like a parrot, smelling as if they just walked out of a perfume store, wearing the highest high-heels available. Is that the new normal? Every girl is the next top model of the world at this age because that’s what they are taught on TV or the web. Boys are like gangsters, they have to be so cool and stylish, where stylish means the clothing out of the newest rap videos, and what they don’t are allowed too is to show emotions, that would be the worst thing. They can have each girl as their new girl friend if they want, at least that’s what they think.
The problem is from my point of view honestly the lack of possibilities. Parents have no ideas than to place them from sometimes the age of two onwards in front of the TV. And TV to learn what life is about cannot work at all. If I remember my childhood the TV was there but it was not the main part of my childhood. We went outside whenever it was possible, played in the garden, the small forest nearby or just strolled through the village. Collecting beetles in summer, eating corn directly in the field, all the stuff where I would say that’s what children should do. Instead the society is keeping them inside, in summer is too hot, in winter too cold, the surrounding isn’t safe enough and the TV or play station is not disturbing the adults in their daily routine. If that’s really the new normal I will be an awful future mom, I’m sure that my child will not be allowed to watch stupid stuff the whole day. I want it to know how grass smells or a beetle looks like, I want it to activate its fantasy to play instead of reading instructions of the new computer game. And TV will be a hard battle, fortunately all nice movies for children are available as DVDs but for the crap on TV there will be no way, at last as long as I’m in charge of it.
Go outside, read books, choose carefully what to watch on TV, communicate, love, surround yourself with thinking mind, this may beware us of getting “crap” people…



  1. Great insightful post. I was sitting thinking about this the other day after reading a post on another blog about ''gangham style'' or whatever that awful new song/video is called. I'd read that Obama liked to embarrass his daughters by doing the dance and then before the new year that it had almost reached 1 billion views. The blogger had it embedded onto her blog, and said for anyone who had been living under a rock the last six months, feel free to check it out. Comments underneath from parents having children from 1 year and upwards hooked on this video and song, and they no longer could get them to watch other things, they asked mammy to put this on and on and on…! Curiosity got the better of me and I checked it out. Kinda wish I'd stayed under that rock! I was disgusted to be honest. I started thinking about how society is becoming, things that are the new 'norm'. The tv programs that are the new ''entertainment'' and ''teachers'' of society. Now back in my day… 😉

  2. In Holland i see the same stuff every single day. It frightens me to see how boys from 13,14 years have no respect for the girls around them. And the worst part is, the girls think it’s normal behavior. It’s scares me to know that my children to come are going to facing the same society. When i was that age i was scared of boys and boys where scared of girls. We played hide and seek, soccer and many other games OUTSIDE. I was always outside, playing till it got dark. My parents used to say: it’s not a hotel, why are you always away. Now days parents have to kick their children outside and when they are outside their are no other children to play with. And go play with a friend in front of their TV.

    And the worst part is, the children who are outside are smoking weed and doing illegal stuff.

    Where the F*** is the world going?

    1. Well said – this is the way I was raised as well. I know how it smells in a forest after a summer rain or how snow tastes, i ate corn before it was ripe and learned not to do so once again ;-), all these nature things where kids nowadays have mainly no clue about. Most of them cannot even tell you if they have a zucchini or a cucumber in front of them.
      This world is crazy and we have to work on getting the next generation back to normal!

      1. I feel like i totally spammed your page haha. – sorry bout that. Haha. – But yeah, it’s crazy how the youth now days act. The society makes the future f*** up for our children.

      2. No problem – if I see spam I don’t click the publish button – so consider your comments as not spam 🙂
        I appreciate feedback – it’s always good to read how others think and it’s funny as it seems as if we have a quite similar understanding of how life should be.

      3. Good to hear it doesn’t botter you. – I like reading your stories. Find someone who understand my thoughts and emotions. – I think in the future i will come back with questions more often. Haha. I can learn from you. If you don’t mind ofcourse

      4. No problem at all – I like interaction 🙂
        Just check my Facebook page – it’s easier to connect there than here if it comes to messages.

      5. Good to hear. – I can’t find you on fb?! And i’m new here haha so don’t really know how it works. – How can i find you on fb :)?

      6. 😉 if you click the FB link on my blog it guides you to the Miss Faith FB page.
        Click there “I like” and I send you a friend request from.
        Hey, and have a wonderful Xmas time!

      7. Oké! I will. See you there ;)! – And ofcourse a loving xmas for you too. Enjoy the first xmas as married couple hihi ^^!

      8. We will for sure – still packing as we drive to my parents tomorrow – I just have no clue how all we have here should fit into the car – haha.

      9. Haha. Good challange for you both. Cram the backseat and the drunk. You can do it. – Have a nice one. And a save trip to your parents!

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