Madrid 2012

I told you I will for sure write something when being back. At the moment I’m sitting in the plane from Madrid back to Munich and yes, I like the idea of being back in my cosy home and in my own bed at night, but if it comes to the weather I’m scared to step out of the plane after arrival in Munich. When I left on Sunday it were thirteen °C and Madrid welcomed us with twenty-six °C. The mean thing is that this was for sure my last trip into the sun for this year. From today onwards the temperature will decrease into the darkest winter season and no plans before february/march next year to escape this winter. We didn’t had too much time left for just sitting it the sun and purely enjoying it but even if it was work we got a glimpse of a small vacation feeling. And Madrid is a relaxed city, people there have the typical Southern European style. Life everywhere you go, the streets in the city centre are crowded during the evening as if life I just about to start in the evening hours. Something I like so much as people seem to be much more relaxed than for example busy Germans. Having dinner at seven and not later because early sleep is needed to be back in the office the next morning at eight. Spanish people also work, at least the people I met from our company, and the workload isn’t less than mine, so how do they do it? I believe that the “key” is to set priorities, to not being perfect for eight hours a day and be relaxed. I’m not saying we all have to be relaxed our whole life now, we all face challenges, hurdles, timelines from time to time but nobody can make me believe that he or she has each day the most important job on this earth and it would fall into pieces as soon as the behavior is changed. We are not ruling the world, we may have important jobs whereas the word important is interpreted in many different meanings, but we are exchangeable, most of us. This trip was in first place for an on-the-job training but it taught me also life lessons. Even our trainers who see many different countries and offices within a short period of time are hunting through the day to finish classes earlier than planned and we didn’t miss important parts. I think even the opposite, we covered all topics within a shorter time frame as we focused on what’s important and stopped discussions with no effect. Another lesson, we need to focus, prioritize instead of running in circles of stupid things. Put aside rubbish and more precious time is left for what really matters! I tried it already over the last months which I just realize now while writing. Step aside and have look onto your own life. We are starting sometimes in the correct way without planning to do so but then stopped all of a sudden because we didn’t realize where we already have been. Starting again the search for new ways to feel mor comfortable. What’s right in front of us is often invisible. Gosh, did I learn all this in these few days Madrid? And where’s the interesting part about he shopping? Sorry, guys, but my head is full of all these training methods which never apply only to your job. If it’s a good trainer you will transfer it to general situations in your life because just then you realize that all these methods aren’t just theory, no, they really work! We had a part about managing “others” and managing risks. If you just put it into relation with your current job role you are limiting you view on it and it’s likely to get stucked at a point. But just take these words – manage, risk – and now put them into relation with you privat life, your family. Don’t we all manage something on a daily basis and aren’t there risks included in almost everything? Just the shopping in the supermarket is something to manage and there are unforeseen risks or risks which cause some effects afterwards. Be prepared (write a detailed list of what to buy), think about risks (I can’t bake a cherry cake when cherries are out), maybe you have a back up plan (take apples instead of cherries and bake an apple pie), or there’s the risk that you forgot to add something important to your list and realize back home that milk is missing. What does it mean? Unaccounted additional efforts needed (second drive back to the supermarket, additional time needed). This is really working on my mind and even if I started to write about the city, the beauty of it and the shopping areas I’m not able to do it right now. Just finish one thing at a time, also something not to underestimate. I promise I write another day about Madrid and what I discovered during my short stay there :-).
Take care and don’t take life more serious than it it is! Widgets

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