Mistrust /Distrust

I have the feeling that there is more mistrust in this world nowadays than trust.

What's the reason behind?

The question is why became people so suspicious?

When it comes to me, I was and still am trusting from the first second. Many called me naive or too credulous but I don't see any reason for not giving this piece of trust unless someone's proving me the opposite. Ok, I'm not trusting strangers 100%, just not to get myself into danger, but why should I assume from each and everyone that they have bad intentions or are telling lies?

Is this our society, a society of lies and jealousity, fake smiles and pretenders, mistrust and distrust? If you start by accident to get a glimpse into other societies like it happened to me you realize even more that western Europeans are losing the relaxed way of living as well as the US.

I cannot talk about how it is in Asia or South America, or on so many other places on this earth, and for sure it's never the whole society, means not each single person, but for the countries I have regular contact to, for them I can describe at least my view.

That's why mainly Europe and US. I am in regular contact to almost each western European country and the US, and what I see is that everyone is looking at first after him- or herself. The nice question "How are you?" is just another kind of "Hello" because if you would honestly start to answer how you feel, most persons are running faster than ever before. People don't want honest answers. We have to be happy and fine and even we are not, that's nothing you should admit. Our world is full of catastrophes each day and instead of taking what we have we have to better and faster and nicer and more beautiful. Imperfection has no right to exist although there is no one perfect. A least no one I know or have seen during my life so far. It is more and more common that we have to return all things we are getting even in a bigger size to show we are able too.

Instead of thinking what others may like we start to give what we like and expect something similar as 'pass back'. What I learned is to consider what a person likes and then to choose what to give and the price tag is the most unimportant part of it. But if you look around you we are not far away from keeping the price tags on everything just to show them off. The worth of a person is measured on the price. Giving without expecting something in return is almost impossible as is receiving something without feeling the urge to return it in a way. We should start to go back to the state of trust first and of not comparing who has more than me and who has less. Isn't it the inner attitude which counts, the person underneath the surface?

I'm getting more and more comfortable since I show persons the door out of my life who were behaving like this. My friends circle is way smaller now but also way smarter, honest and meaningful because we trust. I don't care if they are leaders in what they do and about the amount of their salaries or what cars they drive. I care about the persons, are they happy, are they sad, hungry or funny, loving or in need of something. That's what I focus on instead of wearing the most stylish new almost not affordable bag.

I think I'm on my way to become an adult person – haha – unfortunately many will never reach this stage.

And what's supporting me? As usual – Faith!

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