Planning a Business Trip to Madrid

When traveling for business purposes what should be on your mind?
For sure to finish your work while being there.
This time I’m traveling soon to Madrid but even if its business, it’s “just” a training.
So what’s the difference?
The difference is that it’s far more casual than having to provide results to a client afterwards. It’s an internal training on the job which is of course also important but in another way. I will be the trainee and not the trainer and just have to sit and listen instead of presenting. That way it’s more relaxed. I will travel with two colleagues and also meet colleagues when being there. Almost all are women, so?
Madrid – we are coming!
Eating tapas in the best tapas bar guided by locals, shopping, we already found out that there are two big shopping malls near to our hotel, and the city itself has so much to discover also. It’s like a short trip to a city which contains work but instead of sitting in the hotel after training to prepare the next day we have free time to discover the amenities Madrid has. These times remind me always on school trips, you had to went into different museums and churches and listen to the guide or teacher but the fun started afterwards when you had a few hours left for yourself.
And what to say, I’m living in Munich and of course we have more than enough places for shopping, but what I like is to discover stores and little shops which sell stuff not available in Munich or Germany. Small shops from the locals and even big stores which aren’t based anywhere in Germany. The best is to have something where you exactly know, no one else has the same, it’s kind of unique when being back home. It doesn’t mean it has to be expensive, not at all, if its on sale it’s even more fun.
But it’s not completely about shopping, more about the whole package.
You just stroll through a city which is completely new for you, stopping here and there, stepping into small shops which attract you, sitting in cafés for a break and enjoy the time.
I like it so much to discover cities on my own without guidance and just have the opportunity to stop whenever and wherever I like to. It’s a bit like a short holiday even when is work but the location change is setting free energy as you don’t want to leave a city without having seen it. And I know what I’m asking about, I did it for so many years. When I started working for the company I was always traveling, mostly within Germany, but during this time I had to deliver results at the end of the day and the days where based on flying somewhere, hurrying to the taxi and driving to the workplace for the day. After work was finished it was either the same way back home or driving into a hotel, writing reports in the evening and ordering dinner to the room. Honestly, I was in almost all big cities we have in Germany and for the most of them I hadn’t the time to see more than hotels and airports.
Glad that these times are gone, they were an experience but nowadays I like working in my home office and from time to time I get the possibility to plan trips like this time Madrid with less pressure behind. I’m not the career type at all but I have to admit that sometimes stepping up the ladder into higher positions provides you with opportunities you hadn’t before and I worked hard enough to get there. That’s why I can say today that I like it.
Let’s see what Madrid is like, looking forward to it as I haven’t been there before and I will let you know afterwards if I like it or not.
And I have to fulfill a special task and make pictures of the Real Madrid stadion 😉
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