My weird style of music
My weird style of music
Some at least say it’s weird, I love it instead.
I was never the girl who was going along with the mainstream, at least not in music. Fashion is another topic, there were many times I remember today where I wore the so-called fashion faux pas.
My style in music also is a story of development. I started with, and it’s almost embarrassing to admit it, “I am looking for freedom” from David Hasselhoff.
It was the time when Baywatch was on TV and he was a nice guy hopping into the water. It didn’t last long,that’s the good about it. And what followed is a youth in a really strange music time.
The nineties were from my point of view the worst times – too much Techno and one hit wonders, I never liked it.
So what to do, go back to the eighties. Despite of being ten years older nowadays I would have loved it to spend my teenage time in the eighties. This was music and is still. All the freaks from UK, London must have been awesome.
But what do I listen to today is not only eighties, no, it’s a variety of artists which have mostly one thing in common. They are unique in their styles, they’re not following the mainstream, they really have voices and their songs are songs with a meaning. Whatever the meaning is, and music is often about love and relationships, I see myself in them, that’s what is counting for me. They sing about what I went through, am in or was thinking (but not able to put into words on my own), it’s a bit of everything.
Songs inspire me, give me feedback on unsolved questions, support my anger, happiness, love, make me feel myself, and so much more.
A life without music is impossible. The music can raise you up or can be a companion when you are down.
I don’t like each and every song from my favorite artists/bands but for me the majority of what they produced is enriching my life.
I list them for you and I add my fav song for each (and they have lots to listen too besides that one) but they are listed without preference as they all deserve a place in my life and maybe some will find a place in your life too.
Just check them out. I have listed lots which haven’t a “big name” but they don’t have to be hidden at all, they are great!
Visage – Fade to grey click here
Simon and Garfunkel – The Boxer click here
a-ha – Nothing is keeping you click here
Gus black – Fall into you click here
John Mayer – Belief click here
Colbie Caillat – Circles click here
Enigma – Why! click here
James Taylor – Shower the people click here
Mattafix – Living Darfur click here
R.E.M. – Losing my Religion click here
Andru Donalds – Simple Obsession click here
Ray LaMontagne – Gossip in the Grain click here
Wilson Phillips – Release me click here
Marc Anthony – My baby you click here
George Michael – Careless Whisper click here
London Grammar – Truth is a Beautiful Thing click here
Phil Collins – Always click here
Rea Garvey – Can’t stand the silence click here
Chromatics – The River click here
Michael Bolton – A Love so beautiful click here
Ben Gibbard & Feist – Train Song click here
Sade – Jezebel click here
White Apple Tree – Snowflakes click here
Pink Floyd – Coming back to live click here
Natasha Bedingfield – I bruise easily click here
Rod Stewart – Sometimes when we touch click here
Jaylene Johnson – Closer to you click here
P¡nk – Who knew click here
Bryan Adams – When you love someone click here
HT Heartache – Hearts are toys click here
Alanis Morissette – Guardian click here
Katie Melua – Just like Heaven click here
Hurts – Blood, Tears & Gold click here
Zucchero – Senza una donna click here
James Blunt – Heart of Gold click here
…and still so many more…

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