A wedding in Greece 2009

A wedding in Greece 2009
You are getting more memories about the travels in my life.
One amazing and completely unexpected was attending a wedding in Greece. I didn’t knew either bride or groom. My best friend from childhood days called me a few weeks prior to the wedding date and asked me to accompany him. He was invited by them to their wedding in her home town and didn’t want to go alone. A nice surprise as it was more than a welcome for me. I hadn’t planned any holidays and to go to Greece for five days was a good plan. Two other friends of him travelled there also and we decided upfront not to stay for the two days but to stay one week and hire a car. Mid September promised to have nice weather and it turned out to be true.
We four met at Thessaloniki airport and from first sight it was clear that we like each other and will make the best out of this short stay.
The couple was awaiting us at the hotel reception to give us the time schedule for the wedding days and they were so lovely. Since a long time a couple I met which was truly meant to be together. For the first night we just picked a small local restaurant and ordered a mix of different local dishes – try it if you ever go to Greece – it was delicious and not our last visit to a local restaurant. For the next evening the eve-of-the-wedding-party was planned where I’m not entirely sure if it was German or Greek or both’s traditions. It was a mix of cultures with the typical throwing crockery but also live music to dance the sirtaki, greek barbecue and German music, people talking without knowing the same language, an amazing evening or night to remember. But it was only the start. The big wedding was on the next day and fortunately not starting in the morning as we all were a bit sleepy. After a long and big breakfast the women were getting their hair done by an extra ordered stylist whereas most of the men went for a nap on the beach.
When all were ready we drove to a small Greek-orthodox church in the middle of a tiny village. It was so small that not even all guests were able to stay inside during the ceremony but that was handled easily. Doors just left open and from outside you still heard partly how the ceremony was conducted. But before we all including the stylish groom were waiting for the bride to arrive. The stylish groom? He was wearing a shiny light blue suit with a solver belt and silver shoes. Sounds weird but it was first suiting him and second to know he bet with the bride to surprise her with an unnormal outfit and she wasn’t believing him. So the moment they met in front of the church was lots of laughter and also lots of love flowing between them. The ceremony itself was held in Greek but was nice to watch. After that lots of rice was “raining” on the newlyweds which is still allowed there. I learned that its forbidden in Germany because the doves are eating too much of it and then kind of explode afterwards. And then the party started. You an say about Greek people what you like but one thing they absolutely can is celebrating. Even the oldest stayed until late at night and danced the Sirtaki. I can’t remember when I danced the last time a whole night long but this night was great. And after all the different courses of the menu also a good thing, some may take Ouzo as digestives, I prefer the Sirtaki. Many ended up after lots of ouzo and dancing to go for a swim in the early still dark morning hours which amused the rest of us. We went to bed around five in the morning which was a clear sign that the wedding was a full success not only for the bride and groom but also for the guests.
The few days we stayed afterwards were great relaxation and a bit of visiting heritage sites in Greece. I still have a reminder in my flat from this wedding as the bride was giving me one of a few olive branch crowns. She explained that her task is to give them to the persons she wants to get a special portion of luck in future and even if we met just a few days before she decided that I’m one of them. I was honored and this crown has now a place in flat, I keep it there as a reminder of this wonderful stay. Amazon.de Widgets

Thanks to Anna and Dino!


Struggling to get into a meditation rhythm


Struggling to get into a meditation rhythm

I don’t know if you ever tried it but when I first thought about meditation I bought a small book which told on its cover that you learn quickly how to meditate.

I read it and that’s it. No inspiration, no guiding, no motivation for me at all.

I put it aside but the thought about needing something to stop my mind running in circles was still present. I took my iPad and downloaded some free apps with meditations to listen to and here I started.

Just using the earplugs and listening to it is the easiest way to start instead of reading lots of instructions. What happened for several times is that I just fell asleep after a while but that was fine for me. The women telling me what to do, how to breath, what to focus on, etc. has such a calm voice and in combination with quiet background music it’s really inviting you to have a nap. But again I wasn’t doing it regularly as I planned and I’m still not found a rhythm for myself. What’s the worst about it is that I see myself in front of stupid stuff on TV telling myself that this is relaxing time although I know I’m totally wrong. To change a manifested behavior is not as easy as I thought in first place. So if anyone has tips and tricks on how to change it please let me know. One thing I realized is that even the few nights were helping me getting rid of TV in my bedroom which is already a good thing. I turned back to what I was used to and am reading again. Maybe I’m expecting too much from myself which also isn’t unusual for a perfectionist. And in the end, the big question, what is meditation? Can’t it be a state of just doing something else instead of running in circles on your mind? If yes than reading already would be kind of meditation as its easing. During the time I read I focus on the story and not about problems, work, what to do next, what still isn’t finalized, and and and…

If I start thinking too much I take the earplugs and its calming me down. This will not be the end of this journey as I honestly want to get rid of stupid behavior like staying up too long without a sense but I think I have to accept and also to appreciate that the first steps are already gone, otherwise I wouldn’t be able to write about it. Sometimes you only realize small efforts if you see them written in front of you.

Maybe this blog is also kind of mediation for me as I’m focusing only on one single topic each time and black out the rest going on around and inside me.

I found the following definition and while reading it I was affirming to myself that I’m not too wrong in what I’m doing.

“Meditation is the act of remaining in a silent and calm state for a period of time, as part of a religious training, or so that you are more able to deal with the problems of everyday life.”

And another conclusion after I read is – am I doing it to match the definition or to feel better afterwards? Are we running to much after how we should be and how things are defined from the outside instead of focussing on what we like and feel comfortable with? But that’s another topic.

Keep the faith in your life and most important, keep it within you!

Mistrust /Distrust

Mistrust /Distrust

I have the feeling that there is more mistrust in this world nowadays than trust.

What's the reason behind?

The question is why became people so suspicious?

When it comes to me, I was and still am trusting from the first second. Many called me naive or too credulous but I don't see any reason for not giving this piece of trust unless someone's proving me the opposite. Ok, I'm not trusting strangers 100%, just not to get myself into danger, but why should I assume from each and everyone that they have bad intentions or are telling lies?

Is this our society, a society of lies and jealousity, fake smiles and pretenders, mistrust and distrust? If you start by accident to get a glimpse into other societies like it happened to me you realize even more that western Europeans are losing the relaxed way of living as well as the US.

I cannot talk about how it is in Asia or South America, or on so many other places on this earth, and for sure it's never the whole society, means not each single person, but for the countries I have regular contact to, for them I can describe at least my view.

That's why mainly Europe and US. I am in regular contact to almost each western European country and the US, and what I see is that everyone is looking at first after him- or herself. The nice question "How are you?" is just another kind of "Hello" because if you would honestly start to answer how you feel, most persons are running faster than ever before. People don't want honest answers. We have to be happy and fine and even we are not, that's nothing you should admit. Our world is full of catastrophes each day and instead of taking what we have we have to better and faster and nicer and more beautiful. Imperfection has no right to exist although there is no one perfect. A least no one I know or have seen during my life so far. It is more and more common that we have to return all things we are getting even in a bigger size to show we are able too.

Instead of thinking what others may like we start to give what we like and expect something similar as 'pass back'. What I learned is to consider what a person likes and then to choose what to give and the price tag is the most unimportant part of it. But if you look around you we are not far away from keeping the price tags on everything just to show them off. The worth of a person is measured on the price. Giving without expecting something in return is almost impossible as is receiving something without feeling the urge to return it in a way. We should start to go back to the state of trust first and of not comparing who has more than me and who has less. Isn't it the inner attitude which counts, the person underneath the surface?

I'm getting more and more comfortable since I show persons the door out of my life who were behaving like this. My friends circle is way smaller now but also way smarter, honest and meaningful because we trust. I don't care if they are leaders in what they do and about the amount of their salaries or what cars they drive. I care about the persons, are they happy, are they sad, hungry or funny, loving or in need of something. That's what I focus on instead of wearing the most stylish new almost not affordable bag.

I think I'm on my way to become an adult person – haha – unfortunately many will never reach this stage.

And what's supporting me? As usual – Faith!

Planning a Business Trip to Madrid

Planning a Business Trip to Madrid

When traveling for business purposes what should be on your mind?
For sure to finish your work while being there.
This time I’m traveling soon to Madrid but even if its business, it’s “just” a training.
So what’s the difference?
The difference is that it’s far more casual than having to provide results to a client afterwards. It’s an internal training on the job which is of course also important but in another way. I will be the trainee and not the trainer and just have to sit and listen instead of presenting. That way it’s more relaxed. I will travel with two colleagues and also meet colleagues when being there. Almost all are women, so?
Madrid – we are coming!
Eating tapas in the best tapas bar guided by locals, shopping, we already found out that there are two big shopping malls near to our hotel, and the city itself has so much to discover also. It’s like a short trip to a city which contains work but instead of sitting in the hotel after training to prepare the next day we have free time to discover the amenities Madrid has. These times remind me always on school trips, you had to went into different museums and churches and listen to the guide or teacher but the fun started afterwards when you had a few hours left for yourself.
And what to say, I’m living in Munich and of course we have more than enough places for shopping, but what I like is to discover stores and little shops which sell stuff not available in Munich or Germany. Small shops from the locals and even big stores which aren’t based anywhere in Germany. The best is to have something where you exactly know, no one else has the same, it’s kind of unique when being back home. It doesn’t mean it has to be expensive, not at all, if its on sale it’s even more fun.
But it’s not completely about shopping, more about the whole package.
You just stroll through a city which is completely new for you, stopping here and there, stepping into small shops which attract you, sitting in cafés for a break and enjoy the time.
I like it so much to discover cities on my own without guidance and just have the opportunity to stop whenever and wherever I like to. It’s a bit like a short holiday even when is work but the location change is setting free energy as you don’t want to leave a city without having seen it. And I know what I’m asking about, I did it for so many years. When I started working for the company I was always traveling, mostly within Germany, but during this time I had to deliver results at the end of the day and the days where based on flying somewhere, hurrying to the taxi and driving to the workplace for the day. After work was finished it was either the same way back home or driving into a hotel, writing reports in the evening and ordering dinner to the room. Honestly, I was in almost all big cities we have in Germany and for the most of them I hadn’t the time to see more than hotels and airports.
Glad that these times are gone, they were an experience but nowadays I like working in my home office and from time to time I get the possibility to plan trips like this time Madrid with less pressure behind. I’m not the career type at all but I have to admit that sometimes stepping up the ladder into higher positions provides you with opportunities you hadn’t before and I worked hard enough to get there. That’s why I can say today that I like it.
Let’s see what Madrid is like, looking forward to it as I haven’t been there before and I will let you know afterwards if I like it or not.
And I have to fulfill a special task and make pictures of the Real Madrid stadion 😉
Keep the faith!

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My weird style of music

My weird style of music
My weird style of music
Some at least say it’s weird, I love it instead.
I was never the girl who was going along with the mainstream, at least not in music. Fashion is another topic, there were many times I remember today where I wore the so-called fashion faux pas.
My style in music also is a story of development. I started with, and it’s almost embarrassing to admit it, “I am looking for freedom” from David Hasselhoff.
It was the time when Baywatch was on TV and he was a nice guy hopping into the water. It didn’t last long,that’s the good about it. And what followed is a youth in a really strange music time.
The nineties were from my point of view the worst times – too much Techno and one hit wonders, I never liked it.
So what to do, go back to the eighties. Despite of being ten years older nowadays I would have loved it to spend my teenage time in the eighties. This was music and is still. All the freaks from UK, London must have been awesome.
But what do I listen to today is not only eighties, no, it’s a variety of artists which have mostly one thing in common. They are unique in their styles, they’re not following the mainstream, they really have voices and their songs are songs with a meaning. Whatever the meaning is, and music is often about love and relationships, I see myself in them, that’s what is counting for me. They sing about what I went through, am in or was thinking (but not able to put into words on my own), it’s a bit of everything.
Songs inspire me, give me feedback on unsolved questions, support my anger, happiness, love, make me feel myself, and so much more.
A life without music is impossible. The music can raise you up or can be a companion when you are down.
I don’t like each and every song from my favorite artists/bands but for me the majority of what they produced is enriching my life.
I list them for you and I add my fav song for each (and they have lots to listen too besides that one) but they are listed without preference as they all deserve a place in my life and maybe some will find a place in your life too.
Just check them out. I have listed lots which haven’t a “big name” but they don’t have to be hidden at all, they are great!
Visage – Fade to grey click here
Simon and Garfunkel – The Boxer click here
a-ha – Nothing is keeping you click here
Gus black – Fall into you click here
John Mayer – Belief click here
Colbie Caillat – Circles click here
Enigma – Why! click here
James Taylor – Shower the people click here
Mattafix – Living Darfur click here
R.E.M. – Losing my Religion click here
Andru Donalds – Simple Obsession click here
Ray LaMontagne – Gossip in the Grain click here
Wilson Phillips – Release me click here
Marc Anthony – My baby you click here
George Michael – Careless Whisper click here
London Grammar – Truth is a Beautiful Thing click here
Phil Collins – Always click here
Rea Garvey – Can’t stand the silence click here
Chromatics – The River click here
Michael Bolton – A Love so beautiful click here
Ben Gibbard & Feist – Train Song click here
Sade – Jezebel click here
White Apple Tree – Snowflakes click here
Pink Floyd – Coming back to live click here
Natasha Bedingfield – I bruise easily click here
Rod Stewart – Sometimes when we touch click here
Jaylene Johnson – Closer to you click here
P¡nk – Who knew click here
Bryan Adams – When you love someone click here
HT Heartache – Hearts are toys click here
Alanis Morissette – Guardian click here
Katie Melua – Just like Heaven click here
Hurts – Blood, Tears & Gold click here
Zucchero – Senza una donna click here
James Blunt – Heart of Gold click here
…and still so many more…

Light up your life

Light up your life

Light up your life.png

What is lightning up your life? There are many small things which can instantly lighten you up so that you feel happy and at ease for a moment. We have to appreciate more the small things we liked so much. Why shouldn’t a cup of hot chocolate be able to put a smile on our face? I don’t need the big things like cars, luxury weekend or diamond rings to be happy.

Make a list of what you like and you quickly realize that’s often the smallest thing which are sufficient. Here is the list of my favorites and be sure if I think longer and longer about it I will have a huge list….

1. Hot cup of chocolate or tea in combination with a good book or movie

2. My room just lightened up with lots of candles

3. Laying down on my bed under the wide opened window on a summer evening to listen to the sounds outside and breathing in the air

4. The smell of fresh washed bed sheets

5. Falling asleep in the arms of my love feeling just safe and sheltered

6. Seeing the smile in my neighbors face after she got dinner for free because I’m always cooking more than I’m able to eat.

7. Documentations about the most beautiful places on earth

8. Waking up in the morning and already smelling freshly brewed coffee

9. Walking with bare feet on grass

10. A short nap on a Sunday afternoon

11. Talking for hours with my friend or sister on the phone

12. Planning on how to surprise someone as the smile is already paying back enough

13. Listening to the birds chirping at five am and knowing that I will sleep now

14. Sometimes I hear a saxophonist in the middle of the night and the music is heard from far away but totally beautiful

15. Enjoy the silence after midnight when the city starts to sleep

16. Feeling the sun on my skin

17. Cookies and a glass of milk

18. Reading until I fall asleep

19. Sitting in front of the heater and warm up my back on a cold winter day

20. Listening to the sound of waves

…and so many more…

Counting days…

Counting days…

I'm so happy as I finally can start to count days until we have again precious time just for us.

After our holidays on Cyprus we saw us each day but just over the web and now I'm able to check flights while he's working and prepare myself for wonderful four weeks. It will be an exciting time as he will meet my family for the first time and I will meet part of his, living in Europe.

Even when it will be winter time and days are often grey and foggy and rainy and cold – this is lightening up my mood so much!

After the last days with lots of struggles in Libya it was shortly not sure if our plans will work out and rumors are still ongoing in many countries. What a world we are living in…it's sad to see to what people are able to do and as always normal human thinkers don't see the sense of acting like this and as always the innocent are the ones to suffer. The death of the US ambassador in Libya was shocking us. If you ever checked who he was and how he lived in Libya and travelled to many Arab countries you'll realize that he was the last person on earth to deserve this. This link is showing a wonderful picture of how he was: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fwYAT5wxI2E&sns=em

But not to forget that also Libyans died on the same day. They also fought against injustice and left families behind. They were working hand in hand with the US people and that they aren't mentioned in most of the discussions is again a sign that people only hear what they want to hear. It's easier to blame a whole nation afterwards. There is so many hatred if you read comments wherever you check the news and I honestly get the feeling that only the minority of people is thinking at all. Why do I not fear as European woman to live my life as the wife of a Libyan? If I would follow the general opinion I must be insane. But no, I am desperately looking forward to have my love near to me as I know that the majority isn't like these stupid people. If it's Libyan, Egyptian, Muslim, non-Muslim, black, white or whatever is existing on this earth – all has the right to exist. The minority of people who are against everything which isn't fitting to their lower minded thinking is starting to rule our life's and that's the part which is so hard to understand for me. I'm German which doesn't mean that I'm a nazi, and in the same way it doesn't mean that all muslims are terrorists or all Chinese are eating dogs. Is it the lack of education or the lack of self esteem or the need to have a leader whoever it is? These people seem to have no other problems in their life than to make trouble up to the worst. It's hard to believe that they will ever get the real meaning of faith, trust and love, because if they knew I'm pretty sure they would not be able to act like they do.

I can't wait for the day to visit Libya for the first time to see all the beautiful places and meet the family which is already giving me the feeling of being more than welcome. My future sister and brother in law are waving hellos to me on short videos we were exchanging and uncles, cousins, etc already invited us to their houses although it's completely unsure when I could be there for the first time. And this should be a country full of extremists and terrorist because the are Muslims? NO WAY!

By the way, my german family is welcoming him in the same loving way and they don't care where he is coming from or what religion he belongs to, the most important thing is that we are happy and love each other and this for sure is the case.

Keep the faith, nowadays more needed than ever!

Von meinem iPad gesendet

My cosy home

My cosy home

It is one of the most important things to feel safe and comfortable at home.
Something which is often underestimated. If not your own home where else could you be just yourself? You have to start in your most intimidate surrounding. When I open the front door to my flat I’m feeling instantly at home. It’s warm, it’s cosy, the lights are arranged in the way I like it, my home is filled with things I like. Nothing else has a place in there if its not approved by me. The style is completely personally, no one has to like it except of me. As I’m not a colorful person most things who found their place are white. A few exceptions are present as my lovely often used leather couch which is black. I’m still waiting for it to look really used as I like used leather couches and believe me, I’m trying so hard and it is still resisting. A red painting I’m proud of as it is self painted is one of the few color spots. But before you think now MissFaith is living in a sterile area, no, the wooden floor has the color of honey and was one of main things why I chose this flat. My home has some duties to fulfill and what I try is to make the best out of it.
These duties are at first to be a shelter for me. A place where I am safe and protected.
The second is to meet my expections when it comes to furniture, which could be easy some may say but I know that many are living with furniture which is not their style because they cannot afford to buy new. Here I became a professional during the past years. It’s not the price, sometimes it’s just the idea of how to change it without paying too much money.
For instance, I had a wooden chest of drawers with a good shape but the wood was dark brown and not a nice dark brown, no, more an ugly dark brown. So what to do with it as it was needed? I went to a hardware store and checked the dye colors in aerosol cans. It was the first try and the drawer was not an expensive one but it didn’t took me more than two hours and it was freshly painted and looked stylish and new. Some things are so easy to solve and you feel better afterwards and additionally you have something unique. No one else has this piece – just you. It. The same with all my paintings hanging on my walls. I went to several stores and I wanted originals, they were either not my style or not affordable. I decided to buy blank canvas and tried it myself, without painting lessons or calling myself an artist now. I love the results because now I have unique originals. So what I want to say with these stories, you don’t need to be wealthy or rich, what you need are ideas and inspiration and in the end for me that’s more worthy than any bought stuff could be.
I give you a bit insight with the pics below as stories are easily written but these stories are true. The drawer is not in my flat anymore, my best friends son is using it, so it still has a duty to fulfill in keeping his secrets 😉

What is happiness?

What is happiness?
What is happiness_

Why are people, who have less money, more happy than those who are having more?

Because they focus more on values which many of the more wealthy ones seem to have forgotten about.

What are the most important values in life?

Isn’t it mainly the people who surround you? I see so many running after the newest trends, if it’s electronic, fashion or cars, but what is it worth if no one is there to enjoy it with you? You could have the biggest house full of luxury up to the roof but if you are sitting there alone and sad it doesn’t matter at all. We are complaining so much although most of us have more than the majority of all people on this world is even able to think of.

We have homes and full fridges, showers or bath tubs, supermarkets around the corner, cars in front of our house or in the garage, a heater for cold days and air cons for hot days, enough money to at least afford a computer with access to the web, because if you are able to read my blog on the web you belong to this group of people too!

But still these persons who don’t have one single piece of it, who don’t know if they are able to feed their children the next day, who wear the same clothes since years because they have only this one pair of trousers, who never sat in a car or watched a movie on TV, seem to be more happy than many of us.

What is it the thing they don’t do? They don’t complain!

Instead they are thankful for what they have and cherish it.

These people stick together in good and in bad times, they support each other and share, even if there’s not much to share. And here we are, having enough to feed half of the city but still looking out for more.

Why don’t we start to appreciate what we already have, how lucky we should be to be born in countries which are not suffering poverty, war, epidemic plagues, suppression…

I realize in myself that for instance if I am cooking something which turns out to be so nice I don’t like to eat it alone. It’s making me happier if I can share it with someone. And that’s just a small example.

Sometimes, when I switch randomly through TV channels, I stop fascinated at documentations about different peoples and how they live. You can go from Asia to Africa, from the south pole to the north pole, all poor countries where the people mostly need to fight for survival, exactly there you see the brightest smiles and lots of laughing eyes shining brightly. Communities which care for each other, each single person is valued as member of the society…

I don’t want to start now and say that we all have to share all we have or to get rid of our luxury life to live in poverty but what we need to do is to stop complaining and appreciating our life.

We are blessed because we were born in countries without many of these problems. That doesn’t mean our life’s are free from problems but compared to others we are truly blessed.

Just cherish the day and say thanks.

Stepping back into childhood

Stepping back into childhood

Stepping back into childhood

I discovered a nice way of getting myself back on track if my life feels like upside down.
What many of us forget is how easy life is through the eyes of a child.

Ok, you can start now arguing that naturally a child’s life is more easy as the parents are responsible for earning the money, taking care, providing the food, paying bills and so on.
But this is not the point I’m thinking about.
The first important point is that you had a beloved childhood, that’s the precondition and here I know that this is not the case for each and everyone…everyone who had such a childhood is blessed already.

If I have the feeling that everything is too much and I cannot cope with all expectations others but also I have for myself on how life should be I take a time out. Take myself back for half an hour, make it cosy on the the couch, in my bed or just lay down on my carpet.

Remember how you were calmed down as a child. There were many ways how your mum or dad said “shush, my love, everything’s alright”. It could be a cup of hot chocolate, just snuggling up and listen to a radio play, music or being read to. What was your favorite? What I did a few weeks ago is I ordered my favorite childhood book. It’s a story about a little scallywag and his friends in the ancient caesarean Rome. Stories about their schooldays, how they make fun of their greek teacher Xanthippos and so on.

I love it. When I sit down and read these stories written for kids it’s taking me back to these days, days when everything was so easy. After ten minutes of reading I’m already more calm and relaxed.

Going back to the roots is sometimes the best way to ground you again, it’s not the story itself or the taste of a hot chocolate, it’s the emotions connected to them, the sense, the values your parents taught you.

I am for my life entirely sure that it was never the expectation or the wish of my parents to see a grown up perfect super woman who’s able to handle each and everything.

No, I’m sure they wanted me to be happy with what I’m doing, to be senseful and caring, honest and just me.

No one wants me to be a super woman and the last one expecting it from me should be myself. For all who may want me to be different, sorry to say that, they don’t deserve to be part of my life. I don’t care for those who aren’t accepting me as I am.

Find a place in your home which is just yours, which is protecting you when being angry, scared, sad or worn out. You should not hide yourself there for days, it’s more that you know where to calm down whatever happens just for a short time to ground you and where you regain your inner peace.

It may also be a ritual instead of a place or a combination of both but I think honestly that we need something to ease us in this rushing world.
Keep the faith in what you are and who you are and don’t step to far away from your inner self just to fit into this weird world or to please someone. It’s you who’s counting!

How to spend the weekend?

How to spend the weekend?

How to spend the weekend_ (1)
I’m over thirty and I love relaxed weekends, am I old now?

Not sure how you think about it but since one to two years I’m glad if weekends are completely free and I don’t have to go anywhere unless I choose to. I use the time to sleep and no to party.

If working weeks were tough and took most of your time it’s a pleasure to know that two days will follow to just “do” nothing.

Sure, doing nothing is not possible but what I mean is only doing things which I like and where’s no stress behind.

I for instance I like to sleep long, so dates for a breakfast which many like so much are a hassle for me. Instead of putting me into weekend dates I rather wake up late, stroll in my sleeping gown through my flat with a coffee in my hand to slowly wake up. I may start the dishwasher or the washing machine, clean up a bit but all this done in slow motion. And to have still enough hours to read, write, go for a walk, do the food shopping is calming my mind. More preferable than curing the headaches from the night before, at least for me.

Who made the rule that weekend shopping should be done before lunch time? Instead of standing in a row to be next at the cash point I prefer to go in the afternoon when everyone else is preparing the night out.

I’m a “dinner” eater, means I’m mostly cooking late and eat only small things throughout the day. It fits into the work week because I wouldn’t be able to prepare a lunch each day and instead of eating fast food I start during the evening. Some would say that’s not healthy or eating after six o’clock will make you fat. I haven’t discovered any lack so far and I’m more than far away from overweight. Snuggling up on the couch with a cup of self-made soup is what I like so much more than running through the days to meet one appointment after the other.

I spent lots of time with thinking, planning, and writing but also with listening to music, meditation, watching DVDs and conversations. Heading to concerts or clubs would be stress to me nowadays.

It’s sounding as if the poor MisssFaith is a lonely person. No, it’s not like that, I just surround myself with persons I like and who are thinking at least in the same direction as me.

You could call it a well-sorted inner circle, that takes time but it’s worth the effort but that’s another topic.

Fortunately all of my close friends and family are similar to what I like. I can call a friend at eleven pm and we just talk for two hours. The following Sunday’s are starting late as well and except of the visit to supermarkets the schedule is similar.

I try to focus as best as even possible to avoid stress factors (they are hunting me quite enough during weekdays). And besides of being at least two days relaxed it has the nice side effect that I really like it to go out once in a while. Because it’s special and not my usual way of spending the free time but also because I’m not bored then.

There was a time where I was totally bored because it were always the same persons, the same location, the same food and most worst the same small talk.

Pretty awesome that this ended and I’m honestly a tiny bit proud that I went out of this reoccurring circle. My life is now more comfortable, finding inner peace instead of crowded places, and yes, maybe more adult, haha.

Enjoy your weekend however you like it best.


The Sound of War…

sound of war

The Sound of War…

A few days ago I was as always talking over the web to my Libyan fiancé.

I am already used to hear gunshots in the background from time to time. And to say “being used to” is kind of weird. I fortunately grew up in a peaceful area and to hear gunshots is frightening me. But I was convinced that they are far away from his house and he is not affected, so I got calmer.

But what happened this night was scaring the hell out of me.

It started with gunshots but in an unusual way as instead of stopping after a few minutes it was getting more heavy and was followed by sounds I never heard before.

He explained that they shot now with weapons used against tanks. While I was sitting frightened in front of my iPad he tried to call some friends to find out what’s going on and to locate the area.

About five kilometers away from his house and all started with a fight about a car which left one dead. The family of the killed was then looking for revenge and it was getting worse and worse. I’m not even sure about the details exactly and if the national security was involved at some point or not, but that’s not the topic.

After three hours of permanent shootings the next stage were weapons normally used against planes – anti aircraft – and that was the time when I was more quiet than ever before. He was a bit nervous and not as relaxed as one could be when he survived war times. The “normal” heard gunshots aren’t frightening him anymore as he is able after the war to locate just from the sound if it’s near to him or not. But for me, honestly, this was a situation where I realized even more than before how dangerous human beings can be.

To hear gunshots at night from afar where your loved ones are is a real nightmare.

Libya fought so hard to get finally the so long served liberty, they suffered more than anyone without war experience can imagine, and now the newly gained liberty is still a mess and has almost the same sound as a war.

Peace should be silent, comfortable and not frightening, don’t they deserve to live peacefully now, after all these struggles?

And it’s not only that there are a few stupid guys going against each other, no, it’s affecting so many.

Has one of them ever thought about the persons who lost their loved ones, about children survived a traumatic time and still not finding rest, all the innocent out there who shiver at each shot and relive cruel memories?

And even me and I’m surely not the only one having a close relationship to Libya from an outside position. We are sitting here, in a calm and safe area, and we are frightened and hope each time that our loved ones will not be affected.

A feeling I never experienced before, being completely helpless, powerless.

Why are humans like this? They gained the power and they won against a cruel dictator but instead of trying to have a better life afterwards they abuse the weapons they got for selfish reasons. In the end they are not better than the one they fought before. I’m not a political person, I just try to use my normal human thinking. What must be in the minds of those who act so cruel? In the end it’s good that I cannot understand because it would mean I think the same way. But from a realistic point of view they bring even more sadness into the country, the families, the people instead of taking the first steps into a better future.

I hope to be able sooner than later to travel there because from what I’ve heard and read and seen on pictures it must be a wonderful country.

Keep the faith that it soon will be safe first for the people living there and second to all those who already love the country without having been there.

If you want to read a bit about the history of Libya I can recommend this:

Tough working week

Tough working week

Hey, I haven't disappeared but this week was one of those weeks you want to skip in your life. Writing here is relaxing, inspiring, a little time out where I just let my thoughts flow. I intended to write every second or third day not to push myself into private timelines. This week unfortunately crashed these plans.

Days without an end where I left my desk late in the evening without having finalized what was planned. Tired, starving, eating what is found in the fridge instead of cooking a dinner and then falling onto the couch to get at least a bit the feeling that it's not only a circle of work and exhausted sleep.

Is this the work life I always dreamt of?

No, a big no. I will not start to complain too much as my job is paying my rent, my food, my clothes, all I need in life which can be bought but what about me?

Where are the times where I just do the things I like so much? After such a week I find myself sleeping, walking senseless through my flat before I start something here and something there not focusing on one action at a time. Is this the modern, busy life everyone is talking about? I'm not sure if I want it like this.

My head is full of timelines, urgent tasks to be completed, budgets, requests from clients and the knowledge about my ever growing mailbox. How did people work before they had access to the world wide web? Was is also stressful like it is nowadays? Sure everyone has times at work where it is stressful but I have the feeling as if there are no longer quiet days. Very common is to offer work-life-balance trainings or workshops, are they helpful? From my point of view they put us into another piece of stress as we have to schedule the daily tasks around them and end up in an even longer day.

So what to change if you are not happy with the current situation?

I would love to have the perfect answer but I haven't. What I try currently is a combination of several rules I made for myself. It's nothing which will fit for everyone but maybe you find some inspiring thoughts in it. I'm not consequent at all with these plans but at least I started to change my way of thinking – for the realization I give myself time to get into a rhythm which is good for me, maybe even cross out something and add something new. Rome wasn't buildt in one day and still have many construction places.

1. Finish work within the contracted time and what's not finalized during the day has to wait for the next day.

I'm improving which is quite good. In the beginning it caused a bad feeling as if I'm not able to do the work I have to. But we all are humans and if you give estimates on when you will have it done and communicate properly people will start to appreciate. It doesn't mean to extend each and every timeline to gain time, it means to stop believing that you have to deliver thousand result on just one day.

2. Find rituals to close the working day and start private time.

This is something complete individual. For me, and I'm working in a home office, it's to start preparing my dinner. I leave the desk, it's out of my sight, and start chopping vegetables for example. A task where you don't have to think at all. It could also be a hot shower, this works also on some days for me as it's just time for myself. I think there are many possibilities on what to do.

3. Take time for at least one thing per week which you want to do constantly.

I fail often with this but if I took the time for instance to sit down and listen to music for a certain time, write or starting to get into meditation I realize that I'm feeling more relaxed afterwards. Even a nap is ok.

4. Learn how you can set your mind on "mute" for a short time per day to get new inspiration.

My biggest challenge nowadays. My mind is constantly running and I'm hardly able to stop it. My plan is to start meditation and I tried already a few but am not consequent enough. I set myself no timeline not to cause additional stress but if I'm able to shut down my thinking mind even for two minutes per day I will let you know. Any tips? You are very welcome to share them with me!

5. Having a relaxing sleep

This is one important point as a lack of sleep or restless sleep cannot recharge the energy you need during a day. I had many insomniac nights during times of trouble and am finding back to how it should be like. Before I was used to read, I read so many books and it was always my ritual before I slept. Then came a time where I wasn't able to focus on what I read because thoughts were running and I got into a circle of finding no rest. I put a TV in my bedroom which isn't what I wanted all those years. I was the one always telling others that I will never have it in my bedroom. But TV itself is for sure not calming you down. Next step was to start DVDs so no commercials and well-picked topics instead of randomly trash. Nowadays I have a mixture of reading, watching DVDs and listening to mediations depending on my mood before I sleep and the way is OK to, step by step, reach the nights again where I just lay down and sleep.

In addition to this, make it comfortable for you! The worst thing for me would be a crowded sleeping room. Maybe it's my personal preference, but to ease I need not too much around me. Nothing to distract me from what I want I my bed. Means my bedroom is completely white, walls, wardrobe, bed sheets, everything. You'll find a few books in there but it's mainly the bed, one plant, and indirect light.

That's it for now – as I said, I'm just starting and there may be things I never thought about before which lead me in the end to where I want to be one day but for the moment these are the main parts for me to focus on. It shouldn't end up in a to-do list like at work so five are more than enough.

Take care and keep the faith – no one is perfect on this earth.

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