Here we go – who is Miss Faith and why did she choose this name?
A name which raises questions if someone is thinking over the edge…
Faith is one of the most important things in life from my point of view and it accompanied me my whole life – sometimes more & sometimes less.
My parents gave me something called basic trust. Trust in them at first but also in life itself, in other persons crossing my ways and in myself.
Faith has not only its meaning in religion but also in every single piece included in life and relationships.
I’m human so for sure it got some cracks and scars but it never vanished.
I was raised in a loving surrounding, blessed with my family, in a small village in the middle of Germany.
I grew up, went to school, studied and dropped quicker into work life than planned as there was an offer I couldn’t resist including lots of travelling and a company car. In my early twenties this was beyond my imaginations if I would have joined university, so I took the adult life, instead of years full of low budget, shared flats and train stations.
Fortunately nothing I regret up to today.
The following years I was traveling throughout whole Germany – almost every region has at least one place where I have been, I spent lots of hours at the airport and lots of nights in hotel rooms. Starting slightly to get meetings outside of my country and slipping into lead functions until I decided I travelled enough and started over in management. In our virtual world my job is reliant to phone and email. As I have both at home I’m working in my home office which is really the best I ever could get.
I hate early mornings and it just takes 2 min. from my bed to my office without anyone seeing my messed morning outfit or hairstyle – that’s perfect for me!
In between the work cage I tried to awake my creative part with painting…sounds good, doesn’t it. But the truth is that I always wanted original big paintings on my walls which all where either not my style or far too expensive. So what to do? Do it yourself. I realized that it’s relaxing for me and I liked it but after I moved to Munich this hobby was put aside as my flat here doesn’t have a balcony or a small garden. I’m not too keen to inhale all the different chemicals used for painting.
Ok, then what else to do for a relaxed work-life-balance? Writing!
I know many stick to sports but since I left school and the rowing team, sports plays not really a role in my life. Some small exercises from time to time but I wouldn’t call it sports.
2007 I started “my book” which is still saved on my laptop and a 2nd copy on a memory flash. Almost 200 pages which lay there safer than in Fort Knox as I didn’t touch them since summer 2008.
Why is that? Was it so bad? No, I’m just lacking time and am now so out of the story that it would need lots of passion and effort to work again on it. Maybe I just include some stories here and see what happens. Is it really interesting to an audience what I was writing or is it just totally boring.
Who knows – maybe one day one publisher is reading stuff here and I will be not only a newbie blogger but also a newbie author – haha.

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