First step to a relaxed weekend is avoid cooking today.
Work itself was stressful enough so I’m glad we have lots of food deliver services here in Germany.
Who knows how long I will be able to use them – as there stepped a guy into my life out of nothing and now I cannot imagine a life without him. Things happen if we don’t expect them to happen at all.
I’m not entirely sure but maybe I write single posts for the chapters of my life which I want to share here.
For the ones who already found/stepped over this weird, incomplete, messed up blog – I’ll try my best over the next weeks (or weekends) to get it sorted out and published in a nice way, at this time I just try to get used to it.
Why am I writing English although I’m german?
There are many reasons (at least for me). First of all is that I’m almost addicted to the english language, you’ll find no single book in my flat in German, I watch movies in english and @work I’m also used to the language almost the whole day.
Besides this I’m almost engaged to a non-german man (I say almost because he is now struggling on how to propose to a german woman, mean me told him without official proposal no wedding, I’m modern but when it comes to love I like some old fashioned rituals), so our language is also english as he knows only a bit german and I know not really arabic.
It will be interesting to find women which are also in a relationship, married or engaged with someone who hasn’t their nationality.

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